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    • FaZio'
      After not having played on the zp server for two months or more. I come across this: I want to report to the VNV admin for excessive abuse of tsays / huds. The admin uses them for any triviality. From what I know, they are arranging them to warn players. Minutes:  24:13 "ban" 25:57: "arma ban" 26:19: "arma not camp arma banned" 27:01: "ok" 27:04: "poeq no camp" 27:37: "let go" 28:07: "wtf" 31:58: ": /" 23:44: "kakashi stop" Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3n2dhz2mi6oviam/zp.dem/file It can be understood that sometimes you use it to make a joke but he always uses it, and so many tsays saturate your view. Now imagine every day whenever.
    • Mr.happy^^
      Updated @L-GasPer Welcome to the Server Admin Team, keep up the good work.  
    • Mr.happy^^
      so this request is rejected for now. They can use the same MnL account for both, as long as they understand the risks that this consists of, I don't see a problem in that sense, so things will stay that way. entonces, ésta solicitud está rechazada por ahora. Pueden utilizar la misma cuenta de MnL para ambos, siempre y cuando entiendan los riesgos que eso consiste, no veo problema en ese sentido asi que asi quedarán las cosas.   Closed, Rejected.
    • doguer
      Maybe MnL becomes responsible about his wife bans, could be possible? at least until he fix him pc then add a new account, so, when some of one is not home, the other can play and act as admin but all responsibility is over MnL. Just a question/posibility, so this app is paused/rejected ATM but they work at that way 
    • Mr.happy^^
      mmmm, two players cannot share accounts, unless only one of them is an administrator. since Mnl was elected, until "Genesyspaola" gets its own computer, it cannot be accepted as administrator.   mmmm, dos jugadores no pueden compartir cuentas, a no ser que sólo uno de ellos sea administrador. ya que Mnl, fue elegido, hasta que "Genesyspaola" no consiga una computadora propia, no puede ser aceptada como administrador.
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