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  3. @ FaZio' siempre a tu desposicion, espero cada dia mejorar mas para servir en lo que se necesite, Gracias. son motivadoras tus palabras :')
  4. @ FaZio' , gracias por tu confianza bro y siempre voy hacer todo lo posible para que siempre hay orden en el CTF.
  5. @ FaZio' bro Thanks for your motivating words... I promise you a strong return soon
  6. Check here - https://www.silentgamerz.org/topic/2336-custom-event-for-zp-players/
  7. Asi te gusto... No soy parte del equipo de CTF, asi que por eso no estoy...
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  9. ¡June Activity Check! - Capture The Flag Team - Points in the evaluation: "Forum Activity": "In-Game Activity": "Bans Number": Rules: The check will be made from June 1 to June 30 of the same month. Only permanent bans will be considered. Only prohibitions made at CTF will be considered. Will not be implemented Trial Admins and vips. Any kind of problem that is intertwined with real life. Your number of connected bans / days will be justified. The order in which they are named will be as follows: STTAF Server Manager Co-Server Manager Server Admin Justified Admins: @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi @ andres @ Ensoy 009 @ [D]arkLord Adittional info: There were very few hackers this month, so the number of bans was not fully evaluated. There were very few hackers this month, so the number of bans was not fully evaluated. Referring to this, the marks of: Good - Medium - Bad are not implemented in the ban list. Admin name (Rank) Forum Activity (Last login) In-Game Activity (Days connected) Bans (Only in CTF bans) @ N3l$0n- June 29th, 2020 19 days 0 @ FaZio' June 30th, 2020 28 days 1 @ Ensoy 009 June 28th, 2020 15 days 1 @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi June 29th, 2020 17 days 0 @ [D]arkLord June 30th, 2020 10 days 1 @ andres June 27th, 2020 11 days 0 @ krazy June 30th, 2020 11 days 1 @ dog] June 30th, 2020 21 days 2 @ bonnybb June 30th, 2020 30 days 0 @ Jader June 30th, 2020 30 days 2 @ [EL] Mercenario June 30th, 2020 30 days 2 @ [J]eferzon. (New) June 30th, 2020 29 days 2 @ L3gend (New) June 30th, 2020 30 days 5 (#1) Att: Due to the Gameme restart, you cannot see the connections, the ones that appear on the screen are approximate. Classification: All of the members of the CTF team have done a great job as some of you have temporary bans, which means they supervised the server. @ L3gend @ [EL] Mercenario @ [J]eferzon. @ Jader @ bonnybb @ dog] : Guys, you were supervising the server practically every day. Your contribution to the community is incredible. They are the newest CTF admins and they are doing a great job. Keep it up @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi @ Ensoy 009 : His potential and contribution to the community is very good. They are one of the most loved administrators by all TF players. We hope to have you for a much longer time. @ [D]arkLord @ andres @ krazy @ N3l$0n- : Your inactivity on the server is serious, some of you have personal problems. Anyway, you are an important part of the administration team and we hope to continue counting on you Thank you all for being part of the CTF management team, we are all an important part of the server and I, as your CO-SM, am very happy to have a team like this. Thank you all ATT: @ SAKE酒 ~ Noob
  10. @ abow1717 Thanks for your donation and support. Payment confirmed (T). Your VIP privilege has been added to your a/c. Enjoy... Yo!
  11. StrykeR

    Doubt Here

    Here My Old Account Sorry for the bad resolution and that my CS NON Steam does not take Print Sai Bugado But this photo can see all the account data My New Account Account Details Below in the Image and could you add the 4,000 points to this new account? @ wicho - o patrono
  12. In-game name: Yomayo SteamID : STEAM_0:1:522208390 Paypal email address: abrormuminov17031991@gmail.com Transaction ID: 0F6178249S297851W Package you are purchasing: vip Additional Info: To support the community
  13. Yes you can put your steam id and if you want to transfer your points too you need a proof take a screenshot of your points.
  14. StrykeR

    Doubt Here

    Hi here and StrykeR I would like to know if you can transfer my VIP to my account? Why I Purchased CS 1.6 Yesterday and All My Data Tao CS on Steam Including VIP. Ai I would like to know if you can send the VIP to my new account?
  15. @ SprinT Thanks for your boosting. @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ MainlyCute
  16. Name: Tea Server: CTF Receipt #: 4L762818C28638836 Weekly boost
  17. So as stated by @ Mr.happyTroll n.n and @ Savitar the gun game server and Zombie Elim Server were just added. I like the Gun game Sever not sure about FFA but I'm warming up to it . Just used to the team Gun game game play but the FFA is fun. I am a little one sided on my opinion of the Zombie elim , mostly because I don't play Zombie servers much and also the fact that there are 2 zombie servers. I was for a war3 server with added characters like superhero mod characters. I believe that it could be fun and entertaining. Like all w3 mods or superhero mod, pokemon mod or rune mods. Any mod with exp and lvl up situations will allow anyone who plays a lot or buys lvl s up to dominate more. Its part of the game. Like @ Tsukamoto said this already is a situation in ctf and i would assume zombie servers a bit . I don't know about Zombie servers but in ctf server although it is very difficult to play against several leg vip or elite vip or even reg vip....They can dominate with nades and re gen health and vip weapons and everything....its fun when you have it....absolutely a blast..tytyty lol.....not fun at all when don't and you feel like there is no over coming the unbalanced abilities and plane domination by vip players.............You have to understand that Even though it seems they have the advantage or upper hand , and they do have an advantage. the server is set up and designed in my opinion to be balanced or still give basic players all types of options to combat the extra abilities and weapons of vip.....they still have a whole range of extra weapons and ways to gain points and use abilities..... its not as easy, but it does off set the over balance to a fighting chance I believe. i think the owners , staff and all did a great job with so many mods . I believe that with an exp or lvl up ability server just like any mod . can be made to balance to power give a fighting chance to new players and still be challenging and fun. I voted for w3 serevr or superhero mod before the last 2 added. I know it not being changed now or soon. I wanted to say if one does not make it I think all should consider a w3 /superhero/sG legend characters(think it would be cool because over time you can develop sG characters maybe owners or legends or what have you ....but characters based on sG People)........... I am intrigued to see what a w3/superhero mod server would be like here given the awesome owners , staff and sm-co sm..... all admins and members. great people and team. great community. And by the way @ Tsukamoto this is is the wrong section . this is donations and boosting? Normally this would be in general discussion section....i'm sure this should be moved and closed! given option is not open right now for new server, even though I vote w3/super[sG]hero mod lol ............i' m a play more gun game ty ty ty , Give thanks. ya Check! here is link to thread on last voting and discussion about the 2 new servers.
  18. As savitar said, we added two new servers very recently and we cannot add more servers, but currently those two servers are in a trial period and have not been fully completed, if any of those servers does not give results as we expected, then we could talk about this thread, but for the moment we cannot and will not do anything. thank you for your suggestion.
  19. non-steam players are already getting their asses handed to them on the CTF server by the skilled players. If anything, UWC3 gives them a chance to fight back on an even playing field with the same skills/bonus abilities as everyone else. Instead of trying to accumulate points for double damage so they can have a chance on the leaderboards. Agreed that Superhero mod was the greatest mod of all time, but the more I think about it, the more I believe UWC3 server will be more sustainable in the long-term. You can set up a donations system too, for people who want to buy XP to level up a WC3 race, and have XP reset every 2-3 months. I think this would be good for the community, to have a WC3 dynamic mixed in with CTF, Zombies, GG, etc. And if it fails, maybe you can turn it into another variant of Zombie mod.
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