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  2. Done . vip added to your account . thank you for donations and support . Enjoy!
  3. In-game name: Legend | Boss SteamID : STEAM_0:0:84042990 Paypal name: Paypal email address: Transaction ID: 6GB28268LU847911W Package you are purchasing: 1 month Elite Vip package for ZP Additional Info: M doing this for him/her coz this is probably the first time they are making a donation. @ sG | MrOtstej>_og , @ D.K. , @ N3l$0n- Payment confirmed. Can any staffs set up his vip in game, thanks.
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  5. use this format : In-game name: SteamID : Paypal name: Paypal email address: Transaction ID: Package you are purchasing: Additional Info:
  6. Please make another thread with the correct format.
  7. Thank you very much for your donation @ Itachi @ Jader @ sG | MrOtstej>_og
  8. i buy Elite VIP for this server:
  9. Yesterday
  10. Taliban


    It is not allowed to be on the roofs, it would be an excellent idea to put a camper zone on these sides but the plug needs to be test to check for lag, note that there are many maps that can be mounted on the roof, if you see an online admin please call them to attention that players cant be on roof, if admin dont pay attencion pleas report admin. From the screenshots i I recognize a player who can be called for a warning player miku, thank you so much for the report
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  12. Name in game Blediiii steam id 0:0:2075910727
  13. me topic why no me 500 points to zombie escape i m waiting
  14. @ Loris47 Added to Trial For 14 Days, Show Us What You Can Do, Good Luck.
  15. Xx_seba_xX


    @ No Worries @ Mr. NAKIPRO
  16. Xx_seba_xX


    Oops, my bad. Thanks for tell me xd Sorry for the trash notification guys.
  17. already increased the freeze duration to 3 sec. will test this how it works. Once Level Weapon system is there, Humans will have limited weapons so will keep 2 nades.
  18. if the zombies run from the spawn , maybe reduce humans freeze nade into 1 nade only but extend the duration of freeze 30 milliseconds more
  19. yowill think about spawn. i'll add the extra escape ammo soon.
  20. Instead of zombies escaping along side humans. Make zombies respawn from the start, add extra ammo packs when humans succesfully escape (5 or 10) Maybe add knockback to janus electric attack
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