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    Well you are not wrong, Fatal Killerz is dying, considering we had been attacked which affecting lots of players, lose some players + we haven't boost the server. Some CTF plugins were added back in 2019 and if u think that is the main problem then we might consider it. I joined sG community in 2019, i don't know much about FK 2013 so why don't you tell me what is right and wrong with the server so we can deal with it.
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    Zombie Plague Official Team Roster

    @T3 @Mo AmOr Added to the 30-Day Trial, Good Luck and Show Us What You Can Do.
  6. Hi guys, well first off all I hope you are well and healthy. This server is going from bad to worse, what do i mean by this, well some plugins are capture the flag and there are literally 3 of them.... Before this server was populated with the minimum of 15 players a day, now not even that as some players have told me that this server is dead. Since the decisions taken by the management do not seem to them at all to their liking and for me either. So, this server has potential but the way it is going does not seem right to me, i have not months playing ali but years practically tha
  7. Name in game: sG#R4ss STEAM ID 0:1:579538206
  8. @72daniel2018 Thanks for your donation & loving support. Enjoy your game. Yo!
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  12. No cheat club es una iniciativa de SilentGamerz para crear un entorno de juego seguro, feliz y sin trampas. Como lo logramos? Alentamos a los jugadores a comprar una copia oficial del juego. Si un jugador compra un Steam CS y nos muestra el recibo de compra, se le dar谩 1 semana VIP gratis en cualquiera de nuestros servidores. Tambi茅n proporcionaremos una copia gratuita de Steam CS cada mes al jugador que muestre la mayor dedicaci贸n para avanzar hacia este objetivo. Si est谩 registrado en SilentGamerz.org y ha comprado una copia de Steam, haga clic en el bot贸n de abajo para reclama
  13. [sG] El Mercenario NCC

    72daniel2018 - Privilege Activation Application

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  14. Topic: Cs no STeam Name: sG_Jhonny new id : 2.687.168 New Steam id: STEAM_0:0:597353367 Proof: Quiero ser parte de NCC es muy buena la comunidad
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    ZP | Free points for new users (500)

    My Name Is [sG] Alal El Kaio And STEAM ID : STEAM_0:0:2052319587
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    @72daniel2018 Welcome to sG community Thank u for donation and support Enjoy ur game Yo!
  17. Thank you very much for your donation and support to the community, please wait a few minutes while the payment is confirmed.
  18. In Game Name: lokoscom Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:1705217562 ID de transacci贸n: 15$ Identificaci贸n de PayPal: barrenetxea.1171@gmail.com C贸digo / Detalles del paquete de privilegios: Elite | Legendary VIP for Capture the Flag | Prices and Benefits Adicional informaci贸n: 
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  23. In Game Name: [SG] 浜 Mr.Magoo *NCC* 浜 Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:525782142 ID de transacci贸n: 30T78373GA112810T Identificaci贸n de PayPal: Dr.alvaradobruzual@gmail.com C贸digo / Detalles del paquete de privilegios: DD2 VIP Adicional informaci贸n: I love so much all fair plays... BAN BAN ;) Cheating
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