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[sG] Zombie Escape [GAMEME+VIP+CSO WEAPONS]Worldwide 247 74.

[sG] Zombie Escape [GAMEME+VIP+CSO WEAPONS]Worldwide 247 74.

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[sG] Zombie Escape [GAMEME + VIP + CSO WEAPONS] Worldwide 24/7 74.

It is the combination of a classic mode with multijump and some very handsome and well-seen additions, it is a normal mode of 32 players 16 vs 16, with the difference that there are MultiJumps, and knives with incredible powers! there are knives with powers, there are! Come in and find out how to use these knives to start the killing.

We have VIP, the VIP has an anti-damage system when falling from the top, you will have a parachute available by pressing the "e" and the ability to use the HUH to write messages as if you were an administrator. We have a plugin called DICE, which means given in English and its function is to give you a random power or punishment, do you think you are lucky enough to get GOD MODE, make yourself immortal and kill them all? TRY 0!

Take your most powerful weapons for this challenge, try to eradicate the plague as quickly as possible before the world is consumed by this incredible threat, the humans have the mission to kill every Zombie that moves and the Zombies only have the task of eating their brains as fast as possible, Save the world from conquest using incredible special weapons available or try to destroy it by infecting all the surviving humans.


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