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  2. Oh, ok, i didn't know that, well i accept this failure as a lesson then.
  3. Demo is clean Fps can be change faster by doing "bind" or it might be a bug from hud since its not 100% effective
  4. @ Dollar u don't see his fps increase from 30-50 to 100-120? Should we add a option "Scripter" in amx_ban or something?
  5. @ Peteyy with a Y If you banned this user because he keeps the "Jump" pressed while using the parachute, it is only a custom or a reflection of the player, beyond that the autobhop is not detected. Clean. You can give your opinion so that this topic is closed as soon as possible. @ Ragini15 @ happyTroll
  6. They really think that the challenge is for the CTs on a server with 16k of money and you can buy in each round kit, bombs, weapons,awp. The challenge in a public server only varies if the team in which you have good or bad players, depending on the context, but a CT can defend the sites (A or B) without being there or standing on them, with an awp stopped me in the middle and I can defend the 2 sites, if you are inside you can hide in boxes, while a TT kills a partner discovered you can be on the prowl and kill him from your hiding place. That is easier than running,search, move, dodge, tracking with sound (TTS). Anyway this is my consideration
  7. I already think the biggest challenge is for the CT team. There are 2 places to put the bomb. The CT team needs to split to protect the bomb sites, confront the terrorists and disarm the C4. What is not fair or ridiculous is that when terror completes his objective , each player can earn up to 40 points, while CT defusing C4 only earns 5 or 10 points. By exploding C4, in addition to points for plants to C4 and completing the objective, the terrorist gets 5 more points for each CT that is alive. Before were 10 points! The same logic does not apply to CTs when defusing C4 earn only 10. Please ... Read the previous posts.
  8. https://www.mediafire.com/file/27m6gyd5wb9i5ml/wassim.dem/file
  9. For big map it's possible but for short map it's impossible. Bcoz, most of all are near to flag. Ban sometimes not worthy because some players are most top ranked, and some also are valuable (vip/admin/ purchaser) for our server too. Sometimes me too Then what is the opinion?
  10. Now first thing first, I banned Wassim Gamer TV (steam player) for autobhop, that's before the amx_ban update. After amx_ban update, he came back using an alt account, same name, so i banned him for evading. Because all the ban informations got deleted, so i can't find the ban from amx anymore. Secondly, idk if this guy is the wassim that i banned or not because after i banned him for autobhop, he tried to have unban in chat box but no one care, https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/profile/791-wassim-gamer-tv/ that is his forum account and this Wassim account who tried to buy vip, the account was created in July, if this is the Wassim that i banned, then why would he have to make a new account to ask for unban, and why would he want to buy vip when his cs account is already banned? Conclusion, different person, same name. And if @ MainlyCute want me to provide demo, i will.
  11. @ Peteyy with a Y Where is the ban active from that Evader ban?
  12. Camping is allowed if they are near of the flag, if they are in a spot that doesn't cover the flag or don't try to get the enemy flag feel free to ban them as camping.
  13. https://silentgamerz.org/banned/bans/143.html @ Egan @ Joker
  14. I dont believe the distribution of the map to ct is fully advantageous. If you are going with 2 or even 3 tr to B site you can certainly domain with some flashbangs and also, it is noteworthy that at least when im in the game, the tr always dominate zb site. Otherwise, it becomes a bit challenging for both when everyone is centered on A site, as tr can rush both ways. But back to the subject i believe that the same points that tr earn should be compatible with what ct should earn for fulfilling their mission as well.
  15. Yesterday
  16. I said is that THE MAP DD2, its distribution of spaces gives the CTS a total advantage and not the TT, so in this way that the TT win the round you should get more points if you meet the objective, for example the map "de_aztec" the site of A is a very big site, with few boxes to hide, the advantage is neutral for both teams, in fact I could say that if you are fast you could arrive first than a CT.
  17. In fact, this logic makes sense in thinking that the extra points serve as a reward for planting the bomb and protecting it until it explodes. However, what would it look like in the case of ct? Shouldn't we earn the same points that tr earn? since for ct just need to protect the site or defuse the bomb. I believe what he is talking about is how unequal it is to have the tr earning almost 25 points for completing his goal with the ct not getting closer near 25.
  18. What I see irrational, is that a regular player with a high rank in dd2 receives only 2 points or 4 if he kills an unregulated / noob / new player, and if any of these 3 come to kill you they get 25/16/14 points that will be subtracted from yours, for example: in a round they have crossed fire against 4 enemies and you manage to kill 3 and the last one kill you (nr / noob / new) u will dont get points the 3 casualties you obtained, because that player will subtract -25.
  19. Why ridiculous? To see it another way, if the system comes like this by default, it has some logic, DD2 is a totally CT map, defending sites of DD2 is very easy compared to other maps, and planting the C4 is much more complicated, and if They are players with experience in the CT team on a public server, it is even more complicated, if you get more points to plant and win the round I dont see the problem since it is more difficult to plant than defen the sites.
  20. https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/topic/80-vip-for-all-servers-prices-and-benefits/
  21. CTF is already quite a heavy mod adding more to it will eventually increase the lag instead we could create blocks on those positions to avoid the camping.
  22. https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/topic/104-basic-elite-legendary-vip-for-zombie-plague-prices-and-benefits/ Vip information for Zp.
  23. The campament meter would be good, I have seen a lot of players use the invisibility skill and stay in dark areas, killing a lot of players and staying there all over the map. The camp counter would be a good addition.
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