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    dont think anyone touched gameme past few months for this shit to happen so im guessing it just bugged out, but ill think outside the box on how i can fix it
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    Greetings people if you're interested in making a video for Youtube in our server Zombie Plague you'll be rewarded with 1,500 points Video Requirements: Must contain a good quality & play style. Quality must be higher than 480p. Must be longer than 15 minutes. Format to claim the Reward Name in-game: SteamID: Link Video:
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    Staff in Charge @ Pyro Server Manager @ wicho - el patron Co - Server Manager @ Nymph @ Joker Server Admins @ rOy @ HuMpTy @ Dollar @ Ragini15 @ Kyoto x Julia Bardera @ Falixx @ Fsssuy @ Barnzz @ -AssoumA- @ Peteyy with a Y @ MrKiller @ #Tortilla# TheFath3r Trial Admins @ Suzana Donator @ SaTea Roster subject to change
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    confirmed & extended
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    @ Egan @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ MrOtstej>
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    @UmBreLLa failed his trial Added @SoNic^!!!---> @Shady @Gypsy King as trial admins. Welcome to the team
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    if my memory is correct we can turn off the announcement about it but it would turn off all announcements like slapping slaying kicking
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    This is a pre-post video and it is 12 minutes but I would love to get a certain amount of points Name in-game: elor gamer TV SteamID:STEAM_0:1:23683433 Link Video:
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    Staff in Charge @ War @ MainlyCute Server Manager @ Sheep Server Admins @ samuse @ Badhannobiscuit @ VermiciousKanid @ D.K. @ DavidHaud @ daniel @ Jboy
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    For DD2 In-game name: Bakunawa SteamID : STEAM_0:1:502961295 Paypal email address: cruz.juanph@gmail.com Transacion ID: 91L33389N11775016 Package you are purchasing: VIP DD2
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    Confirmed and added. Enjoy.
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    and the grind begins
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    Confirmed and added. Enjoy.
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    Name: SaTea Transaction ID 2J822912V35366606 Basic VIP Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61292409
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    In-game name: Zest SteamID : STEAM_0:0:149792196 Paypal email address: Winglee402@yahoo.com Transacion ID: 7YG19013F0913162P Package you are purchasing: Basic Admin for CTF @The Mighty Don't Kneel
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    Admin added. @The Mighty Don't Kneel @MrOtstej>
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    I think you are the wrong one here, He is SM of zp and he is in the right to say anything he want becasue he is one who manage the server. So next time think before type something. I won't deal with you anymore, i give you a lot of advices and you didn't listen to me. You need to be more mature to become Admin and you just want to make donations because you want admin, don't promise things like that and prove you really want to be here and donate even if you aint Admin, we'll see how much mature you'll be getting and a possible lapse of trial. But now you are not capable to this. @sG# AMINEPRO About @Pyro you were the one who asked to removed ur vip, you already spend your time as VIP, your donation was 27 august so @Pyro remove his vip aswell. @sG# AMINEPRO prove us that you deserve to be a trial admin and myself will accept you in a future. Closed.
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    FYI to Mighty or who checks the paypal, I just donated a $20 spot on behalf of NECO Thanks
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    Thanks for Donatiion
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    format your pc and download this version of cs and it will work https://dev-cs.ru/threads/5528/#post-53577
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    camp meter aims to block Base camping, what you are explaining is base camping, simply rush and be done with it. might change it to slaps without hp loss when i have more time or i remember. as for bullet damage, will stay
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    Happy Birthday Gypsy bro.. Today is your day.. Enjoy it.. *CHEERS*
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    On the 14/15 of every month we're going to put together a list of the current admins (trial, etc) and do a quick check up on the activity to be sure all admins with access are participating and helping the server continually be a better place. As admins our time/presence on the server, bans we make, etc all continually make the sG servers a place players want to come and play. If admins are not participating then we need to know this ahead of time so we can open up spots for other more active candidates. Also, as an admin if you're not going to be around for an extended period of time, that's fine, but please let us know about it. Going to try and format this to the best of my abilities so here it goes: CTF Server Admin Name Last on Site Last on Server Times Connected # of Bans @War 9/14 9/9 11 13 @Pyro 9/14 9/14 19 2 @Ensoy 009 9/14 9/14 28 37 @painhappy 9/14 9/14 15 17 @zzmpL 7/10 8/23 0 0 @BlueSnow 8/14 8/12 0 0 @Mc EL CaTaLoNi #sG 9/13 9/13 13 7 @"0" 7/28 7/28 0 0 @Dollar 9/14 9/14 16 60 @RiDA 9/13 9/13 30 18 @MiDou 9/13 9/13 9 4 @UmBreLLa 9/12 9/14 27 21 We are going to try and continue to do this for a rolling 30 day period, so I will make another post in 30 days with the current admins. If you haven't been on at all in the past 30 days, please let us know why and if you wish to continue to participate. Also the information is only as accurate as the guy putting it together (aka me) so if there is a major error, please let me know and I will fix it. These numbers are not the end all be all. If you banned under a slightly changed name, or played under a different name, I did my best to catch those, but can't catch them all. Please try and keep the same name at all times for playing and banning. It makes it go much smoother of course, but I will continue to do my best can find/catch them. As the CTF Server Manager, if you have any questions, concerns or grievences please don't hesitate to PM me or catch me on Steam chat. Painhappy
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    Good one @painhappy. Thanks for keeping tabs on the team. Special shoutout to @Dollar, @Ensoy 009 and @painhappy for having a good activity/ban ratio with a positive amount of non-appealed bans. @zzmpL, @BlueSnow, @"0" please improve your numbers during the following month, under responsibility.
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    Added @Lord Chaos as Co-Server Manager. @painhappy @Lord Chaos try to keep this roster updated. Thank you.
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    it's not like that even if they got redirected to forum and used a new version of cs they will still join with STEAM_ID_LAN most of players that join with STEAM_ID_LAN are connected to the server from a CyberCafé that's why they don't have have a STEAM_XXXXXX and if you checked the status of ips on the DD2 you can see that there are many STEAM_ID_LAN players with same ip because they are connected from the same CyberCafé so using a different kind of cs won't work at all about the dproto we need to be carefull when editing it it's not about gameme nothing will happen to gameme all the data of gameme are saved the problem is if you changed something that you don't know about that dproto it will causes problems joining the servers for exemple many players would not be able to join from diffirent ips diffirent steam ids sensitive af
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    it is possible to block the players that has STEAM_ID_LAN but doing that will make server literally empty also removing dproto means making the DD2 server only Steam wich will make the server loses about 80% of players since most of them are non-steam but i bilieve you can still change STEAM_ID_LAN to STEAM_ID_VALVE but it will be down to a new dproto.dll or to edit dproto.cfg the only thing that i really know is that we need to be really carefull with that dproto shit because one little mistake will make many players many ips can't join the server
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    But in the demo it can be visible to us or only to the admin, and the Hack will cant, when they see message "x sG. take SS on you" on the screen they escape or off hack
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