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    Merry Christmas to everyone from Santa AssoumA @ MrOtstej> @ Egan
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    And a very safe and Happy Holiday Season to you y friend.!! Thank you!
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    Not really, Dollar. He believes that our current admins paid to get their admin position, which can't be further from the truth. @ Light'her , all of our current admins have applied for said role: (https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/topic/106-capture-the-flag-official-roster) Donators do exist, but they have the role of VIPs, not Admins. Every potential admin must apply and be evaluated by the rest of the Admin Team: (https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/forum/14-application-center/) So, if you have no further questions, I'll proceed to close this thread in the following hours.
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    Added @ Shady , @ Gypsy King , @ SoNic^!!!---> as server admins. Welcome to the team.
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    Happy Holidays and Merry xmas for everyone.
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    To bad no snow here leh xD
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    Welcome mira mi video de sG Modes
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    you are not banned from what i can see
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    Added. Thank you for your donation.
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    Amx_name is not working properly we need to update the name list of the plugin. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel
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    I remember Mighty telling me it changes their name changes after they disconnect from the server, something along the lines of the server preventing them from changing their name while in game to prevent cheaters trying to trick admins/other players
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    Ahh! Yes.. I am also faced the issue. Mostly its happen in D2 server. Sometimes in CTF server also. But Its fully working in other two server.
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    @ Softness Just copy the full name. You have to do something like this, example: amx_nick "Dollar #sG" "[sG] Dollar" Put the two names in quotes.
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    Thanks for your boostings. We have given you VIP on DD2/CTF for 12 days and Elite VIP on Zombie Plague for 6 days. Have fun!
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    Small Boost Done. Server - Zombie Plague Receipt number - 20B49380FP109304G We'll send confirmation to: deb.kamila42@gmail.com
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    «Staff in Charge» @ The Cocoman «Server Manager» @ painhappy «Co - Server Manager» @ Lord Chaos «Server Admins» @ Ensoy 009 @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi @ RiDA @ MiDou @ Shady @ SoNic^!!!---> @ Gypsy King «Premium Donators» @ Zest «Donators» @ SaTea «Trial Admins» @ [D]arkLord (until December 6th, 2019) The Official Roster is subject to change and will be updated by Server Managers and +Staff when changes occur.
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    Staff in Charge @ War @ MainlyCute Server Manager @ Sheep Server Admins @ samuse @ Badhannobiscuit @ VermiciousKanid @ D.K. @ DavidHaud @ daniel @ Jboy @ Softness Trial Admins @ Hacks!
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    Updated. Added @ Softness to the Server Admin team. Extemporarily added @ Hacks! to the Trial Admin team. Congratulations to the new admin.
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    Added. Thanks For your support.
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    In-game name: "sGsℎℯℯp" SteamID :STEAM_0:0:106670643 Paypal name: Humza A Paypal email address: siddiqhumza@gmail.com Transacion ID:4315-2697-1903-2453 Package you are purchasing: Skin for ZP ( scream skin pls) Additional Info: baa-aa-ah!
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    i swear to god don't remove that nade. Zest is a mortal as long as that nade exist xd. it really is good against anything literally.
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    Sorry for the delay, Pyro meant to add it, guess he was busy. Added you 5 extra days to the 30 as a sorry
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    my mistake Satea this purchase is confirmed, Ill get it done for you.. again I am very sorry for the delay..
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    confirmed.. ill have you set up.
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    sorry guys been out for a bit.. thank you Egan..
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    sorry guys have been a bit busy.. yes confirmed he did send a 20 donation on the 19th..
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    Thank you for your donations..
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    @The Mighty Don't Kneel his donation is confirmed...
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    dinaunion, nuke_rarea, dust 1337 can be replaced with crackerhouse, dinoiceworld and blue respectively as there is no need of a modified map if the original map is also present. (most of the players will agree to the changes made)
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    Admin can be bought by Clicking Here. When making the donation, Please send your payment as (SEND TO A FRIEND) only this way we are able to collect it with out any issues. All donations are put into keeping the servers well and running, upgrades, forum updates and events. Admin on DD2 - $5 a Month Access to: amxmodmenu - slap | slay | kick | ban | amx_ss | admin chat (u@ hi) | admin messages (y@ Join Us @SilentGamerz.org) | amx_gagmenu Admin on CTF - $5 a Month Access to: amxmodmenu - slap | slay | kick | ban | amx_ss | amx_map and mapm_start_vote (can use 2 times a day if the players agree for a map change) | amx_extendmap (can use 2 times a day if the players agree) admin chat (u@ hi) admin messages (y@ Join Us @SilentGamerz.org) | gag menu| Captain America Skin as CT | Iron Man Skin as T Admin on Zombie Plague - 8$ a month Access to: amxmodmenu - slap | slay | kick | ban | amx_ss | admin chat (u@ hi) | admin messages (y@ Join Us @SilentGamerz.org) | amx_vote | gag menu | can start 2 mods on a map after a vote | skins for knife | human | zombie Admin for Surf - 4$ a month Access to: amxmodmenu - slap | slay | kick | ban | amx_ss | admin chat (u@ hi) | admin messages (y@ Join Us @SilentGamerz.org) Admin for Fatal Killerz - 4$ a month Access to: amxmodmenu - slap | slay | kick | ban | amx_ss | admin chat (u@ hi) | admin messages (y@ Join Us @SilentGamerz.org) | mapm_start_vote | amx_gagmenu After you have purchased your preferred package, post a thread in the Donations section filling in the format below. In-game name: SteamID : Paypal name: Paypal email address: Transacion ID: Package you are purchasing: Additional Info: NOTE: You can not refund your donations.
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