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  1. sorry guys have been a bit busy.. yes confirmed he did send a 20 donation on the 19th..
  2. Happy Birthday Gypsy bro.. Today is your day.. Enjoy it.. *CHEERS*

    1. Gypsy King

      Gypsy King


    2. Gypsy King

      Gypsy King

      i'm so exhilarated by now xd thanks.

  3. Thank you for your donations..
  4. I refunded your payment and paypal sent it back to me witth a response that you should have been more careful with your money then to send it to the wrong club.how is that even possible anyway..? and if so then why are you still playing here..?. So I refunded it again. you will have it I am sure by the weekend.. Next time please be more careful as your just screwing up my books.. if you did it by mistake then no worries. but please do not cause anymore drama over 20 dollars.. Thank you Jet
  5. okay thank you. Ill put it on the list of updates.
  6. Okay players... Dust 2 is doing better but it still needs a lot of work.. Admins are the largest problem so anyone who would like to join us in policing the server please apply for admin in the applications center.. Admin comes with VIP and you get a lot with that.. please let us know whats working and whats not. .any bugs you have found what you might like to see or even a problem you have encountered... we are trying to make it as best as possible to ensure the fun of the game.. Just leave your ideas and comments here. Thanks again and remember its about the fun of the game so lets have some.. .
  7. Thank you Serendipity. @ Mighty I trust you have this under control bro...
  8. yeah I got it today.. he sent it correctly. No worries and thank you for your support.
  9. how much did you send and when.. ? I need your email address that you sent it from.
  10. @Mighty/Egan Please set him up with his package. Thanks again for your support.
  11. thanks for your support bro..
  12. Not a mistake my friend.. you have to send to a friend when buying packages from sG.. my paypal will nto accept anything unless it is infact (send to a friend) just resend it and we can go from there.. no worries.
  13. Thank you for your donation... Have fun and enjoy your vip. if you have any problems just contact one of the staff,Mighty or myself..
  14. Thanks for the donation and support.. I hope you enjoy the servers.. if you ever have any questions just give us a shout.
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