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  1. https://silentgamerz.org/banned/bans/143.html @ Egan @ Joker
  2. I dont believe the distribution of the map to ct is fully advantageous. If you are going with 2 or even 3 tr to B site you can certainly domain with some flashbangs and also, it is noteworthy that at least when im in the game, the tr always dominate zb site. Otherwise, it becomes a bit challenging for both when everyone is centered on A site, as tr can rush both ways. But back to the subject i believe that the same points that tr earn should be compatible with what ct should earn for fulfilling their mission as well.
  3. In fact, this logic makes sense in thinking that the extra points serve as a reward for planting the bomb and protecting it until it explodes. However, what would it look like in the case of ct? Shouldn't we earn the same points that tr earn? since for ct just need to protect the site or defuse the bomb. I believe what he is talking about is how unequal it is to have the tr earning almost 25 points for completing his goal with the ct not getting closer near 25.
  4. I fully agree! Regarding bullet damage, it serves as an "encouragement". Think of it this way: You shoot your enemy and take 90hp from him, I'm sure you focused on him because you know your low HP. So I don't think it's a good idea to remove it. Still if it's no use, put isao just for vips as if it were a privilege. Regarding using such an excuse, it would be up to the administrator to use his knowledge to decree whether he is a hacker or not, as I do not see that this will be used as an excuse. Cheers!
  5. Name in-game: Daniel SteamID: STEAM_0:0:193869631
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