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  1. if my memory is correct we can turn off the announcement about it but it would turn off all announcements like slapping slaying kicking
  2. dont think anyone touched gameme past few months for this shit to happen so im guessing it just bugged out, but ill think outside the box on how i can fix it
  3. @MrOtstej> will have to confirm it as i dont have direct access to the paypall, anyway thanks for the support, hit me up if you need something
  4. i made a quick fix, tell me if the problem is still present, ill look into it more when i can
  5. camp meter aims to block Base camping, what you are explaining is base camping, simply rush and be done with it. might change it to slaps without hp loss when i have more time or i remember. as for bullet damage, will stay
  6. Confirmed and added, thanks for the support
  7. Ofc its all down to dproto for non rehlds servers, its the main metamod plugin which allows non steamers to join. Had run through the cfg a few times, guess i havent paid much attention to id lan, ill check when home
  8. Its a dead game, it would be like banning proxies/vpn, 1/3 of the server popularity will vanish. I might test it for dd2 and see how the population goes, but i dont promise anything
  9. Not down to spawn points, don't think it's down to team balancer. If I have some time today I'll add a plugin that will automatically transfer you to a team hopefully that passes the problem for now. I'll have more time next week to look more In depth. For now just change map ASAP if yiu see it happening.
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