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  1. i swear to god don't remove that nade. Zest is a mortal as long as that nade exist xd. it really is good against anything literally.
  2. it's not even a disadvantage towards the others. disagreed. these nades are used weather to prohibit players from taking the flag . and its pretty good for team strategy on countering invisible players. and furthermore, that nade billy's using is from the points menu(gives 6 nade) which is bought for a few dozens of point. people can easily counter it if they use their mind properly like using the freeze nade or dictate their distance.
  3. we meant in ctf @ NightMarionne since we've already removed the knives and the teleport nade won't do anything if you go beyond the terrain.
  4. AGREED. Even worse is when your shooting at people and one of the players goes into you then unstuck,disorientated and die. whats the point of autounstuck when we can go through the players? and again AGREED please remove autounstuck
  5. i think the problem with the teleport knife(slenderman) can be solved using walkguard. lets just block/censor the zones that are prohibited
  6. agreed. ESPECIALLY, when ur a steamer. my vision seems irrelevant against that knife. I believe some of the players have problematic eyes and can't see those who are using the knife clearly too.
  7. isn't fight yard/short maps are designed to camp?,can't change a thing about it since it's too small and easy to kill enemies anyways and based solely on aim xD
  8. Happy Birthday Gypsy bro.. Today is your day.. Enjoy it.. *CHEERS*

    1. Gypsy King

      Gypsy King


    2. Gypsy King

      Gypsy King

      i'm so exhilarated by now xd thanks.

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