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  1. Yes! Happy to help anytime!
  2. It's a good idea, but not sure if possible, but I would also say ban awps if less than 10. A really good awper could cover all of A when there are only 3 players on the T side. And that sucks just as much for new players. If I'm playing with that few people and they are new, I'll drop down to a mac10 or tmp or something nearly useless to help even it out. A lot of other players don't give the same courtesy and will just beat up on new players. That can ruin a server. New players are needed to grow a server. Players that show up and just get beat up won't come back. I agree that playing A makes the most sense, but if the T team is just going to keep getting beat up, having B open turns that awp defense on its head and makes the players use other weapons.
  3. On the 14/15 of every month we're going to put together a list of the current admins (trial, etc) and do a quick check up on the activity to be sure all admins with access are participating and helping the server continually be a better place. As admins our time/presence on the server, bans we make, etc all continually make the sG servers a place players want to come and play. If admins are not participating then we need to know this ahead of time so we can open up spots for other more active candidates. Also, as an admin if you're not going to be around for an extended period of time, that's fine, but please let us know about it. Going to try and format this to the best of my abilities so here it goes: CTF Server Admin Name Last on Site Last on Server Times Connected # of Bans @War 9/14 9/9 11 13 @Pyro 9/14 9/14 19 2 @Ensoy 009 9/14 9/14 28 37 @painhappy 9/14 9/14 15 17 @zzmpL 7/10 8/23 0 0 @BlueSnow 8/14 8/12 0 0 @Mc EL CaTaLoNi #sG 9/13 9/13 13 7 @"0" 7/28 7/28 0 0 @Dollar 9/14 9/14 16 60 @RiDA 9/13 9/13 30 18 @MiDou 9/13 9/13 9 4 @UmBreLLa 9/12 9/14 27 21 We are going to try and continue to do this for a rolling 30 day period, so I will make another post in 30 days with the current admins. If you haven't been on at all in the past 30 days, please let us know why and if you wish to continue to participate. Also the information is only as accurate as the guy putting it together (aka me) so if there is a major error, please let me know and I will fix it. These numbers are not the end all be all. If you banned under a slightly changed name, or played under a different name, I did my best to catch those, but can't catch them all. Please try and keep the same name at all times for playing and banning. It makes it go much smoother of course, but I will continue to do my best can find/catch them. As the CTF Server Manager, if you have any questions, concerns or grievences please don't hesitate to PM me or catch me on Steam chat. Painhappy
  4. Be a terrorist and rack up points. ? Good Catch Godlike.
  5. Yes, agree with Godlike. The AFK's make auto evening hard. Also anyways to make the auto even work for the better players? I always jump on the losing team if I can, but when the other team is stacked, it makes for hard play and I can see that not being fun for new players. Not sure on the transfer to spec or if they should just time out aka kicked. Don't want the server full due to spectators. Or does that not matter? honestly not sure.
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