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  1. Sorry i see the thread before but had many problems with Internet and others problems, it was supposed to be added by me after Mighty confirmed. As Mighty said you got 5 extra days for delay. Thank you for your support.
  2. Para ser administrador debes reportar al menos 3 hackers en el servidor que quieras ser administrador, por ahora las aplicaciones para Zombie Plague estan cerradas, tienes CTF - Dust2 y FK cualquier duda de como grabar una demo puedes contactarme en privado que te ayudare en lo que necesites.
  3. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel
  4. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel when you have time can you check into this?
  5. Warning, if not slap, then slay and at the final if it's needed ban.
  6. Our servers have a lot of plugins installed atm, if we keep installing this kind of things server will get bugged like before when it crashed everytime the map change. So it's a no for me
  7. @ Peteyy with a Y Where is the ban active from that Evader ban?
  8. Camping is allowed if they are near of the flag, if they are in a spot that doesn't cover the flag or don't try to get the enemy flag feel free to ban them as camping.
  9. @ Egan @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ MrOtstej>
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