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  1. @ Peteyy with a Y Where is the ban active from that Evader ban?
  2. Camping is allowed if they are near of the flag, if they are in a spot that doesn't cover the flag or don't try to get the enemy flag feel free to ban them as camping.
  3. @ Egan @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ MrOtstej>
  4. MainlyCute

    Admin abuse

    Already reported by other user.
  5. Confirmed and added. Enjoy.
  6. Confirmed and added. Enjoy.
  7. Thank you for your donation. @Egan @The Mighty Don't Kneel @MrOtstej>
  8. That's how the amx works @Jboy We can't do that.
  9. @The Mighty Don't KneelThank you for your donación wait till any owner confirm it to set it up. @MrOtstej>
  10. Admin added. @The Mighty Don't Kneel @MrOtstej>
  11. @The Mighty Don't Kneel I guess the not footstep knife won't works since you get a adventage of speed when you take the flag. (Don't know about others knifes)
  12. I think you are the wrong one here, He is SM of zp and he is in the right to say anything he want becasue he is one who manage the server. So next time think before type something. I won't deal with you anymore, i give you a lot of advices and you didn't listen to me. You need to be more mature to become Admin and you just want to make donations because you want admin, don't promise things like that and prove you really want to be here and donate even if you aint Admin, we'll see how much mature you'll be getting and a possible lapse of trial. But now you are not capable to this. @sG# AMINEPRO About @Pyro you were the one who asked to removed ur vip, you already spend your time as VIP, your donation was 27 august so @Pyro remove his vip aswell. @sG# AMINEPRO prove us that you deserve to be a trial admin and myself will accept you in a future. Closed.
  13. Why would we ban NECOS? They are noobs.
  14. Thank you for this idea. From now on @painhappy it's the only avaible to reply on this thread. Future replies will be delete without noticed.
  15. Thank you for your donation @MrOtstej>
  16. Thank you for your suggestions, we will look into it and make few changes to make Dust2 more confortable for our users.
  17. @The Mighty Don't Kneel @MrOtstej> Thank you for your donation.
  18. I think there is a plugin that makes all STEAM_ID_LAN get's an id in our servers, i will search for it.
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