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    no responde

    Los servidores estan en mantenimiento.
  2. Confirmed and added.
  3. Confirmed and added.
  4. It should be working.... There is not any problem in the access.
  5. They can't share locations with others, chats can only be read by Admins
  6. Where are my Staffs that don't set his Admin access?
  7. @ Tea You should have more respect first. @ [D]arkLord I will only add you the points for the days that Coco said. No more.
  8. From now on i will be giving points back. Those who still doesnt have their points back please contact me.
  9. Dust2 has been reseted. @ Badhannobiscuit let me know if keeps lag for you.
  10. Wait for Sheep reply, if he accept i will put them
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