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  1. thank you guys.. but still wicho please make the bomb little bit less stronger
  2. and again.... -AssoumA- killed LS with worldspawn *** -AssoumA- killed Desesh Here to kill you with a headshot from worldspawn *** -AssoumA- killed CxtUrKeY:-))-:-))cxcxcxcxcxcxcx with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed sG | #Tortilla# with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed SilentGamerz | Zombie Plague with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed old man bobo with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed <<<LeoGlaucia xj6 MANAUS AM>>> with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed PROOOOOOOFEEEZOOORVV with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed @:ozuna with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed Pro-I-Cent @SilentGamerz.Org with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed EL PRO with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed Kaneki with worldspawn *** -AssoumA- killed Kevin with a headshot from worldspawn ***
  3. -AssoumA- killed ZERO_COUNTER STRIKE with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed Andrey with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed PROOOOOOOFEEEZOOORVV with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed Pro-I-Cent @SilentGamerz.Org with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed axel 8v with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed MrPerezg98 with worldspawn *** -AssoumA- killed ASF | enzo | VIP with a headshot from worldspawn *** -AssoumA- killed [sG] talk shit get hit. with worldspawn -AssoumA- killed ` p o o k i e with worldspawn ur pathetic assouma ? thats the second time.. and it was a big map again...
  4. your an idiot man.. im not mad cuz i lost nemesis? what the fuck are you talking about... this post is about the nuclear bomb not nemesis... learn how to read and dont call me immature punk... i told you you are annoying me. done talking to you peace out.
  5. you're only a vip im an admin without buying admin... i earn the admin thats why im trying my best to make the server better from others by posting stuff like this today ?
  6. bcuz u donated 71 bucks doesnt make u special.... you only come to the server and u play as a human when ur a zombie u stop trying... so just quit this dude.. u aint shit my friend.. i can donate 100 bucks anytime. im a full time job firefighter and i know i have an attitude ?
  7. im done talking to you anyway.. i want other staff to see this post. they will decide what to do... you are so annoying dude...
  8. you are not an admin my friend ? im calm;) lol and who did the screenshot for u? also its our private group on steam... whatever we type in there its for admins.. how u have it?
  9. stay away from this topic its none of your bussiness
  10. dude just stop talking... your only a vip...this is post for admins to fix this nuclear bomb.. i dont even know why you get ur shit in here... its none of your bussiness... AND BTW.. YOUR ONLY A VIP U CANT DO VOTES AND MODES... leave this for admins... if you wanna be admin post for it but dont act like you are one of them...also i bet im way mature then you are... i post this here to fix the problem with nuclear bomb because it does too big dmg... and u are here arguing thats its not? i saw players comments about it and nobody liked it.. so let us solve the problem without you sticking ur nose in it...
  11. dude im not mad.... its just annoying... i copied that from console.... and yeah u didint use that bomb... rofl! bro just stfu ur being annoying right now
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