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  1. thanks for the support @The Mighty Don't Kneel
  2. To do what you say is impossible without changing the map. The maps are always static, we can only add one or another limited area but in the same way that we can put it, we must enter and remove it every time the server is full, it is annoying and can generate several problems such as bugs etc.
  3. Well yes, it is impossible to do what you ask DK. increasing the limit of awps has always been on the table, about what Painhappy asks, giving access to limit some weapons to the Managers would be a simpler solution, but it would generate problems if someone forbids weapons just because they don't like them.
  4. @The Mighty Don't Kneel Thanks for the support
  5. 1. Delivering prizes to those in the top 10 would be difficult, if you have not noticed, it is always the same who are at the top. "Godlike" and "777OSG.org" but I think it's a good idea to assign a series of "challenges" managed by @Sheep so that players can win these prizes, the first to complete it will get a prize and so on. 2. It is obvious that we want the server to be clean of hackers and that, but we cannot find admins that are active 24 hours, if you think you can fulfill that role, then you can apply for administrator, I am in fact very satisfied with the amount of administrators who are active at the moment, but I know that more are missing. 3. I don't find many campers in Tts, on the contrary, I see several in Ct, the Cts camper can't punish him until the bomb is planted, that's why we don't do anything to them. what I see in Tt is that they are constantly pressed by the Cts and they cannot move forward and they shoot at the gate of A or B. I would like the camper meter to be added, for everyone.
  6. In summary. Until you get a way to ban the IP of the ID_LANs, nothing will happen.
  7. @The Mighty Don't Kneel @MrOtstej>
  8. @aminepro42 I don't know what this was for, but I guess you already understood what Petey told you. Now, let me tell you something, here we do not accept a form that is not .dem... AVI, MP4, MKV or YouTube Video, none of those are accepted and if you make a report or worse a Unban where you have to put a video, then the hacker will be Unbanned or it will not be banned even if he is a hacker.
  9. I hadn't noticed, it's true lol. @The Mighty Don't Kneel
  10. It is a multihacker and Ban Evader with the name of the real.
  11. @The Mighty Don't Kneel Thanks for the support
  12. I think that Godlike refers to the hit that comes with the slap. and dude remember the Damage of the granade.
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