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  1. NOt having auto unstuck is a very bad idea also, in Fatal Killerz, when player use the slender man sword, they got stuck there, can't move at all, if player look up and tele up, they will stuck there forever until the round end. Glitching ouside might be rare, but having automatic unstuck is better, and it doesn't matter if there is a command for /unstuck or auto unstuck, they still do 1 job, that's keep u out of the stuck.
  2. Oh, ok, i didn't know that, well i accept this failure as a lesson then.
  3. @ Dollar u don't see his fps increase from 30-50 to 100-120? Should we add a option "Scripter" in amx_ban or something?
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/file/27m6gyd5wb9i5ml/wassim.dem/file
  5. Now first thing first, I banned Wassim Gamer TV (steam player) for autobhop, that's before the amx_ban update. After amx_ban update, he came back using an alt account, same name, so i banned him for evading. Because all the ban informations got deleted, so i can't find the ban from amx anymore. Secondly, idk if this guy is the wassim that i banned or not because after i banned him for autobhop, he tried to have unban in chat box but no one care, https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/profile/791-wassim-gamer-tv/ that is his forum account and this Wassim account who tried to buy vip, the account was created in July, if this is the Wassim that i banned, then why would he have to make a new account to ask for unban, and why would he want to buy vip when his cs account is already banned? Conclusion, different person, same name. And if @ MainlyCute want me to provide demo, i will.
  6. That is when the player who has been banned make an unban appeal or be tag by staff.
  7. If u ban someone u don't make a report
  8. @The Mighty Don't Kneel @War
  9. @Mario #SG make an unban appeal ,then i will show u why u got banned
  10. @Sheepi think this is supposed to be 500 points thing

    Peteyy with m you can take away the ban you gave me for nothing like that we would kill you take it away from me

    1. NightMarionne


      let me ask u, when the human is right in front of u, why did u not kill him? and let him runaway?

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