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  1. Oh, ok, i didn't know that, well i accept this failure as a lesson then.
  2. @ Dollar u don't see his fps increase from 30-50 to 100-120? Should we add a option "Scripter" in amx_ban or something?
  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/27m6gyd5wb9i5ml/wassim.dem/file
  4. Now first thing first, I banned Wassim Gamer TV (steam player) for autobhop, that's before the amx_ban update. After amx_ban update, he came back using an alt account, same name, so i banned him for evading. Because all the ban informations got deleted, so i can't find the ban from amx anymore. Secondly, idk if this guy is the wassim that i banned or not because after i banned him for autobhop, he tried to have unban in chat box but no one care, https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/profile/791-wassim-gamer-tv/ that is his forum account and this Wassim account who tried to buy vip, the account was created in July, if this is the Wassim that i banned, then why would he have to make a new account to ask for unban, and why would he want to buy vip when his cs account is already banned? Conclusion, different person, same name. And if @ MainlyCute want me to provide demo, i will.
  5. That is when the player who has been banned make an unban appeal or be tag by staff.
  6. If u ban someone u don't make a report
  7. @Mario #SG make an unban appeal ,then i will show u why u got banned
  8. @Sheepi think this is supposed to be 500 points thing

    Peteyy with m you can take away the ban you gave me for nothing like that we would kill you take it away from me

    1. Peteyy with a Y

      Peteyy with a Y

      let me ask u, when the human is right in front of u, why did u not kill him? and let him runaway?

  10. "XD" is clean, he has high fps and he is using a steam account, not a fake one.
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