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  1. @ enzomagico1 Aquí puedes ver los precios y beneficios de nuestros servidores.
  2. Dollar

    Add Plugin.

    @ The Mighty Don't Kneel Ok, I got you wrong .
  3. Dollar

    Add Plugin.

    @ The Mighty Don't Kneel I think it is in the menu of elements of the vips, in that of the items of users as I do not. I guess thats how it is set up? ...
  4. @ soldado56 En que te puedo ayudar? @ Pyro @ MainlyCute Can you move this thread to the "Spanish" section? If this user just wanted to post that, delete this thread or move it to the trash, please.
  5. Dollar

    Add Plugin.

    This post is basically to know what they think about adding the "Fast Switch" plugin for CTF. The why?: It would be a better way to use the Awp since to use it you must always remain at the base or in other places, but always camping, with this I think it will prevent players from camping on the maps and for the Awp to be used more. Those interested can post their opinions about it. Plugin (I do not know which version of amx mod uses I leave the two links): Fast Sniper Switch, v1.4: http://www.amxmod.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=251 Fast Sniper Switch (Awp Fast Switch): https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1193990 (There are more versions but for me those are the best. If you find a better version, don't hesitate to publish it.) @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ The Cocoman @ War @ Pyro @ painhappy @ Lord Chaos @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi @ Ensoy 009 @ BlueSnow @ MiDou @ RiDA
  6. I realized this two days ago, but I haven't had so much time to create a theme about this. One of the ones I found that works for the teleportation knife is not using "/ autobind" if I don't write this command -bind "example (c)" "abilities". In the others I have not found anything. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel Check this if u have time.
  7. Unbanned. @ Wassim Tlm If you want to buy admin, look at this thread: https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/topic/80-vip-for-all-servers-prices-and-benefits/ Topic Closed.
  8. @ Peteyy with a Y If you banned this user because he keeps the "Jump" pressed while using the parachute, it is only a custom or a reflection of the player, beyond that the autobhop is not detected. Clean. You can give your opinion so that this topic is closed as soon as possible. @ Ragini15 @ happyTroll
  9. Dollar


    It means that if someone uses that "error", they will be given ban, right? @MainlyCute
  10. Dollar

    Hacker in Dust 2

    U have a proof of this? @Tiki
  11. Nick: | Dollar #sG | ID de Steam: STEAM_1: 0: 221983446
  12. Nick: CΞΛ¹ | dólar Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:221983446
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