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  1. Added @ Shady , @ Gypsy King , @ SoNic^!!!---> as server admins. Welcome to the team.
  2. The vote map plugin was changed and modified so the previous amx commands of map change won't work instead use mapm_start_vote for starting the vote. The new command doesn't let you set the choices for the maps instead it creates a list of its own. But remember use it only when the map glitches do not overdo it.
  3. Same issue i guess, @ SoNic^!!!---> What was the map on which it glitched ?
  4. CTF is already quite a heavy mod adding more to it will eventually increase the lag instead we could create blocks on those positions to avoid the camping.
  5. Lord Chaos

    Admin abuse

    Do not make multiple threads for the same topic @ Pyro @ MainlyCute Close.
  6. @UmBreLLa failed his trial Added @SoNic^!!!---> @Shady @Gypsy King as trial admins. Welcome to the team
  7. Thanks for the donation under peer pressure ! @Egan @MrOtstej> @The Mighty Don't Kneel
  8. Thanks for donation Feel free to ask me or @painhappy if you have any doubts/problems related to admin access and controls.
  9. Had the same problem today morning, the favourite server list was empty and any attempt to bring them back proved a fail but when I opened cs a couple of hours later all of it was back, prolly not an issue due to our servers. It may sound dumb but consider waiting for a few hours before formatting the pc.
  10. The problem is still on ! @The Mighty Don't Kneel
  11. Thanks buddy for the support
  12. There are a couple of bugs in here firstly when u drop a dual uzi and pick it up it changes to MP40 (a vip model) and at times it doesnt drop and we respawn with those.
  13. Forgot to mention, the ethereal model can be removed along with the vodka cans if not medkit
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