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  1. CTF is already quite a heavy mod adding more to it will eventually increase the lag instead we could create blocks on those positions to avoid the camping.
  2. Lord Chaos

    Admin abuse

    Do not make multiple threads for the same topic @ Pyro @ MainlyCute Close.
  3. @UmBreLLa failed his trial Added @SoNic^!!!---> @Shady @Gypsy King as trial admins. Welcome to the team
  4. Thanks for the donation under peer pressure ! @Egan @MrOtstej> @The Mighty Don't Kneel
  5. Thanks for donation Feel free to ask me or @painhappy if you have any doubts/problems related to admin access and controls.
  6. Had the same problem today morning, the favourite server list was empty and any attempt to bring them back proved a fail but when I opened cs a couple of hours later all of it was back, prolly not an issue due to our servers. It may sound dumb but consider waiting for a few hours before formatting the pc.
  7. The problem is still on ! @The Mighty Don't Kneel
  8. Thanks buddy for the support
  9. There are a couple of bugs in here firstly when u drop a dual uzi and pick it up it changes to MP40 (a vip model) and at times it doesnt drop and we respawn with those.
  10. Forgot to mention, the ethereal model can be removed along with the vodka cans if not medkit
  11. the medkit helps but try removing it if it gets anything better and people use charge and proximity more often (your wish in selecting any 3 out of the chaos maybe homing....yes)
  12. Guys ctf is a heavy server, lag and low fps is quite common, there are a few suggestions see if they can help Reduce the number of modes in grenades to trip laser,satchel charge and proximity As suggested by some of our members the auto recorder doesn't help much so try removing it If the bf2 plugins can be modified then remove the second level leaving only basic and expert levels even some of the badges like m249 and grenade are quite useless Also those moaning sounds after each capture Chris Assassin The Mighty Don't Kneel
  13. Mighty if possible show the ct with bomb on map and put a camp meter active on that guy (at all times) for camping spots
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