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  1. Use amx_map cmd to change map.when this bug appears.
  2. It's still on CTF till you change map no one can join..
  3. You're VIP and Skin shop Added.Enjoy As for Points catch @wicho - el patron he will add it in-game.
  4. You're VIP and Skin Shop added.Enjoy As for Points you can catch @wicho - el patron in game and he will add them.
  5. @The Mighty Don't Kneel @MrOtstej>
  6. Thank you for the support!
  7. Added.Enjoy our VIP.
  8. Both of you are requested to post unban appeal,instead stop spamming in other sections. Closed.
  9. Yes. I can confirm the Slenderman Knife teleport does work without needing to wield the knife.
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