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  1. Wait.. So does that mean i can't play it through cs 1.6 steam anymore?
  2. Can't find the server nor join the server manually through console: joins (server IP). And it says "Failed to contact game server". I've tried to reinstall, redownload my game and still nothing. It has been 4 days now. I'm currently just wasting my vip times at this point.
  3. Captain, you are just wasting your money....
  4. Donated another 15 bucks for 35k points. Thanks
  5. Transacion ID: 9BB97851A55085649. Package you are purchasing: Skin Flora and Basic VIP for Zombie Plague Additional Info: Trying these packages for donation on this server. If it is good, i'll be trying this again in the future especially when i have a lots of holiday.
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