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  1. No problem, enjoy ur stay in our servers.
  2. Just say a warning to everyone that automatic hyperscroll is prohibited on our servers, you can do all the gstrafing and sgs you want, I told you on 3 or 4 occasions that it was a warning for everyone I don't know; if you don't understand me, since you kept telling me that you weren't using that even though I told you it's a warning. That's all I hope you now understand what I was saying was a warning to everyone and do not stay afk when you are zombie go try.
  3. https://www.silentgamerz.org/index.php?/topic/104-basic-elite-legendary-vip-for-zombie-plague-prices-and-benefits/ Vip information for Zp.
  4. The campament meter would be good, I have seen a lot of players use the invisibility skill and stay in dark areas, killing a lot of players and staying there all over the map. The camp counter would be a good addition.
  5. Will you donate if we accept them as an administrator? That sounds bad ... If someone donates, it is because they want to help the server and not to look for something for their own benefit by skipping vip or admin purchases. The administration is given to those who prove that it meets all the requirements, of the demos that you published only 1 was a hacker, the others were totally clean and you were not even seeing the player you banned. That is why he has not been accepted as administrator. I hope you understand that.
  6. That problem also happened to me a few months ago, reinstalling it will not work. Verify that any program such as Windows defender or your antivirus in some way does not block any of the features of cs. Since, like you, my cs did not enter sG servers but it did enter others. Good luck...
  7. Yes i was playing today and the problem appaers in one map, when the map change the problem disappeared is like something random is not known when it will happen....
  8. Thanks for the donation and enjoy ur points ?
  9. I didnt see the problem now when i am playing in the maps. if it return i am going to send a message to u
  10. Yesterday you argued with Amine for doing this exploitation of the map with your gstrafe, now what I am going to tell you is summarized in this: -If you can pass these barriers with your 500 or 1000 fps it does not really matter to anyone just that it is prohibited here because this way it would be easy to kill the team of humans, now you know that it is prohibited and if any administrator sees you do it You will be punished. -Wicho is working on ending this problem, he has made an effort to make most of the maps of sG so take care as you address him or any other member of the community, as you did yesterday with amine (Man you must be a new admin or a paying admin, right ?, Probably a payed admin lol, It is greeeat, Man this community ...) If you do not comply with this you already know what will happen. That is all.
  11. @MainlyCute He is referring to pass with gstrafe some of these barriers that you yourself said was a way to take advantage to infect humans, then it is okay to overcome these barriers with fps + doing gstrafe or ground-gstrafe everything discussed in this thread About warning players not to do this is wrong?
  12. You are not a very active player there so you do not know about the problem, it does not matter if you put in the auto assing team does not let you enter or the CT or T only sends you to spectator. So everything you just said does not work at all, since as explained above this problem occasionally occurs on a map.
  13. When I enter CTF and I want to choose a team, it doesn't let me choose it, it says full team and just lets me in as a spectator. Even when the server was with 19 players and not even with the amx equipment changer, is it a problem with the plugin? because I go on assault and dust where they can play 32/32 and I don't know why this happens. Somehow it kills the population of the server since it only lets you enter the spectator and people want to play, seeing that they can't just leave. Although some players leave while you are waiting, still not letting you join a team, they only balance with those that remain. See this problem thank you very much ..... @RiDA saw this problem as I ? Note: This problem does not occur on each map, it appears out of nowhere and only when the map changes disappears
  14. If u used hacks in our servers, you will not be given a second chance so bye ....
  15. Wait Migthy for add ur vip in game . ENJOY IT!! Thanks for the support.
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