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    ¡June Activity Check! - Capture The Flag Team - Points in the evaluation: "Forum Activity": "In-Game Activity": "Bans Number": Rules: The check will be made from June 1 to June 30 of the same month. Only permanent bans will be considered. Only prohibitions made at CTF will be considered. Will not be implemented Trial Admins and vips. Any kind of problem that is intertwined with real life. Your number of connected bans / days will be justified. The order in which they are named will be as follows: STTAF Server Manager Co-Server Manager Server Admin Justified Admins: @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi @ andres @ Ensoy 009 @ [D]arkLord Adittional info: There were very few hackers this month, so the number of bans was not fully evaluated. There were very few hackers this month, so the number of bans was not fully evaluated. Referring to this, the marks of: Good - Medium - Bad are not implemented in the ban list. Admin name (Rank) Forum Activity (Last login) In-Game Activity (Days connected) Bans (Only in CTF bans) @ N3l$0n- June 29th, 2020 19 days 0 @ FaZio' June 30th, 2020 28 days 1 @ Ensoy 009 June 28th, 2020 15 days 1 @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi June 29th, 2020 17 days 0 @ [D]arkLord June 30th, 2020 10 days 1 @ andres June 27th, 2020 11 days 0 @ krazy June 30th, 2020 11 days 1 @ dog] June 30th, 2020 21 days 2 @ bonnybb June 30th, 2020 30 days 0 @ Jader June 30th, 2020 30 days 2 @ [EL] Mercenario June 30th, 2020 30 days 2 @ [J]eferzon. (New) June 30th, 2020 29 days 2 @ L3gend (New) June 30th, 2020 30 days 5 (#1) Att: Due to the Gameme restart, you cannot see the connections, the ones that appear on the screen are approximate. Classification: All of the members of the CTF team have done a great job as some of you have temporary bans, which means they supervised the server. @ L3gend @ [EL] Mercenario @ [J]eferzon. @ Jader @ bonnybb @ dog] : Guys, you were supervising the server practically every day. Your contribution to the community is incredible. They are the newest CTF admins and they are doing a great job. Keep it up @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi @ Ensoy 009 : His potential and contribution to the community is very good. They are one of the most loved administrators by all TF players. We hope to have you for a much longer time. @ [D]arkLord @ andres @ krazy @ N3l$0n- : Your inactivity on the server is serious, some of you have personal problems. Anyway, you are an important part of the administration team and we hope to continue counting on you Thank you all for being part of the CTF management team, we are all an important part of the server and I, as your CO-SM, am very happy to have a team like this. Thank you all ATT: @ SAKE酒 ~ Noob
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    What am I? Ceo of DonateANoobPerDayCharityCase.com? Lol.
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    Member Name: Lemons Map: ZM_CHEMICAL_COMPOUND Creator: Xtranormal (myself) Description: A biohazard_base remaster containing 1 minor secret camping spot and 1 major secret room. My tribute to ZoD and RoZ for new Zombie Plague servers to experience. Map Files: Gamebanana Link Contains .res, .bsp, sounds, and sprites. Special Note: This map was not made for 1 particular server. This is a gift from me to the ZP community as a whole. I have provided other servers their own copies containing their own logos. This is a blank version and, if requested, I can give SG a copy with its logo. XTRA SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to everyone, whether I know you or not. Everyone in every server keeping ZP on its feet still have been my motivation and inspiration to mapping.
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    In-game name: [EL] Mercenario SteamID : 0:1432701695 Paypal name: Elizabetn De leon Garcia Paypal email address: eljuez1973@hotmail.es Transaction ID: 99B62941C3167553L----20E477671P257571V Package you are purchasing: Legendary VIP for CTF for June month Additional Info: Thank You.
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    In-game name: Yomayo SteamID : STEAM_0:1:522208390 Paypal email address: abrormuminov17031991@gmail.com Transaction ID: 0F6178249S297851W Package you are purchasing: vip Additional Info: To support the community
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    Updated 06/25/20: @ L3gend Added as Server Admin. Congratulations.
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    i have question the vip is 1 month 1 day or lifetime
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    I'm poor too, give me 10$ or ban
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    Hello everyone, now the people who have these tags sG*, sG *, sG |, sG|, [sG], -sG-, sG-, sG -, sG#, sG #, sG, |sG|, sG ~ before the name will earn 15 points (five points more than those with only have the name) when they write the /get command, I have not tried it after the name so if anyone can try it post here if it works or not to place it in the main post. If you have another tag that can be added please post it.
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    thanks for the support. Now make a personal donation of 10$ to buy bread, I'm hungry. joke
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    @ L3gend no ahhaha i am a dude, that is the name of my wife hhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahah
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    Why am I getting builled nowadays? xD Joker when my new pc comes imma sell ur kidney for it xD @ Jader @ Joker
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    @ Joker guess you forgot your name . @ Mellow the audience is yours now .
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    In-game name: fanxy SteamID : STEAM_0:0:240784074 Paypal name: Paypal email address: Transaction ID: 5VT062923D2547937 Package you are purchasing: VIP DD2
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    n-game name: Rip Van Winkle` SteamID : STEAM_0:1:92587943 Paypal name: (none) Paypal email address: jessicalorena.roldandiaz@gmail.com Transacion ID: 14S39970YG345193M Package you are purchasing: Admin on Fatal Killers server Additional Info: admin experience on some servers, active since 2015
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    Hi here and StrykeR I would like to know if you can transfer my VIP to my account? Why I Purchased CS 1.6 Yesterday and All My Data Tao CS on Steam Including VIP. Ai I would like to know if you can send the VIP to my new account?
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    confirmed. thank you for your donation,, enjoy!! Pyro hook this man up already,,, lol
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    Thank you for your kind donation. But, m still gone come after u. Dingi Dingi Dingi!!
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    Name- BLUESTEEL127 SteamId: 5018 STEAM_0:0:19412832 0 13:24 183 3 Julian Gonzalez julian.go@hotmail.com Transaction number: 7UA63777AY1596400 $15 VIP package Thank you for your cooperation, it’s time to frag out on the plague server ! Respectively, Bluesteel127.
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    Thanks for your donation @ N3l$0n- Your gift E-VIP package has been added to recipient's ( @ RICLYX1337 ) a/c. Enjoy !
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    Omg this is so cool (and too hard) K I understand.
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    Updated 06/21/20: @ rxr. Aded as Trial Admin. Good luck.
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    hi here, mellow poor
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    If I remember correctly, this map was already in CTF but was removed. Reasons: Big map where normal players get lost. Bad location of the flags; The map is full of passages, doors and houses, which makes the job of carrying the flag very expensive. Areas with camps; Regardless of where we put the flag, there are areas with campers. skywall; With the Slenderman knife you can position yourself behind the CT area and create walls in very high areas of the map. When this map was in CTF the map was one of the least chosen. In case someone else wants to reply feel free to do so.
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    @ Itachi Thanks again for your donations and support. Your gift package added to recipient's (@ Xx_seba_xX ) a/c. Enjoy. Yo!
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    In-game name: [sG][Xx_seba_xX] SteamID : Paypal name: Paypal email address: Transaction ID: 07Y65067VU876502M Package you are purchasing: 1 month vip for FK server Additional Info: Give Away Winner for my Gucci post. @ sG | MrOtstej>_og , @ MainlyCute
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    confirmed.... thanks for your dontion my friend,, enjoy,,,
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    Itachi help him
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    In-game name: sG | Kyoto SteamID : Paypal name: Paypal email address: Transaction ID: 7J810240SJ085773F Package you are purchasing: 1 month leg vip for this julia noob Additional Info: @ Pyro , @ sG | MrOtstej>_og , @ MainlyCute
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    @ Itachi Thanks for your donation and support. Payment Confirmed (T). Gift package added to recipient's a/c. Enjoy. Yo!
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    why?: it takes a long time without restarting and the players get bored of not being able to advance from their current positions, they know that they cannot approach the top10. When?: If everything goes well it would be this weekend but we are still organizing the awards to say an exact date.
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    INDICE DE TEMAS IMPORTANTES DE LA COMUNIDAD - EN ESPAÑOL TODO REFERIDO A LA ADMINISTRACIÓN: Reglas del administrador: Guia de la fase de prueba: Reglas de administración en Zombie Plague: Posteo en el foro: Tutorial para administradores de Zombie Plague y Capture The Flag: Bans accidentales: TODO REFERIDO A LOS MIEMBROS Y VISITANTES DE LA COMUNIDAD: Reglas del foro: Reglas de los servidores: [DD2 24/7] y [FFA Gungame] Capture The Flag: Fatall Killers: Zombie Plague: Como convertirse en miembro y sus beneficios: Como solicitar una apelación de ban: Como aplicar para administrador de prueba: Reportar a un administrador: ¿Como obtener 500 puntos gratis en ZP y CTF? Hilo de asistencia y ayuda para hispanohablantes: ***EN CASO DE QUE DESEÉ AYUDA CON MAYOR EXPLICACION, SIENTASE LIBRE DE CONTACTAR CONMIGO O CON CUALQUIER ADMINISTRADOR QUE HABLE ESPAÑOL*** ***IN CASE IF YOU WANT HELP WITH MORE EXPLAIN, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT WITH ME OR SOME ADMIN WHO SPEAK SPANISH***
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    joker show me urselff bby i wanna make sure ur hot
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    @ L3gend Thanks for your donation. Your B-VIP privilege added to your a/c. Enjoy. Yo!
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    Gift to: @ saintcloud Nick in Game: ]sG[ Saint ClouD *.* SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1811267226 Server: DD2 Paypal email address: tochy--02@hotmail.com Transaction ID: 1TC45037AE901583V Package you are purchasing: VIP Additional Info: Is not my paypal acc if you need additional information please tell me
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    @ sG | MaryG_oG Great! Thanks for your donation and support. Wait for sometime... After confirmation of your transaction your gift will be send to your friend. Yo! @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ painhappy @ MainlyCute
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    In-game name: Son Goku SteamID :STEAM_0:1:451167390 Paypal name: Rahim Bey Paypal email address:Natsuthedragon8@gmail.com Package you are purchasing: Additional Info: SKINS
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    Welcome VIP (2 week each) for @ FleX & @ Bitch Please Receipt number: 6DS31852RG6547914 We'll send confirmation to: deb.kamila42@gmail.com @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ MainlyCute
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    @ sG | MaryG_oG Promoted to Server Admin. Keep up with the good works. Congrats!
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    @ Mellow LOL they must have a crush on you bro,,,
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    @ Jader Please wait for sometime. After confirmation of your transaction your privilege will be upgraded. @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ painhappy @ MainlyCute
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    Run bitch run xD
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    @ TjDav Welcome!!! Thanks for the donation Enjoy ur stay, :v y no trates de matarme con awp prro...
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    Camila Cabello - This Love (Lyrics).mp4
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    @ L3gend Points added. Enjoy your game.
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