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    First I want to say I am sorry.. for my lack of knowing.. I knew Mighty did something but I was not sure.. and thats my fault.. He is a great Man and knows how all this works.. I am un able to always track everything and or read every post.. and again thats my fault.. but you can gain vip by boosting.. I just dont always get the info.. I am sorry I am a very busy person with many many other things.. Mainly Cute is right.. you can.. and we will work on tracking this better in the future.. that I promise.. So for anyone who has boosted this way and wants vip for it.. please just foillow the correct applications for gaining it.. again we will do our best to track this better.. Thanks to everyone for helping sG .... the goal is not to make money but to keep sG alive.. I very much hope everyone understands that.. this is a old game and not many people want to put money into it.. we do as a club in hopes of keeping it alive.. In 2020 we are looking to others ways to making this club survive the times.. we are working on Go servers as well as looking in to other games.. like I said.. please be bare with us.. its a changing world.. we hope to be here for it.. Jet
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    Another month has gone by and in keeping with our New Year's Resolutions we want to keep this up on the 15th of every month. I'm including the new temp admins in the stats. Keep up the good work folks! Evaluation is on the following: Forum Activity: You need to be active on the forums to assist with any issues (ban resolutions) and questions new players may have. Plus this is a great place to hang out! In Game Activity: You need to be active on the server! Bans: Number of bans made in the past month Admin Name Last on Forum Server Activity (Days Connected) Numer of Bans @ Tea Jan 15, 2020 21 1 @ [D]arkLord Jan 15, 2020 26 21 @ Gypsy King Jan 4, 2020 0 0 @ Shady Jan 12, 2020 13 3 @ SoNic^!!!---> Jan 14, 2020 11 4 @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi Jan 15, 2020 14 5 @ Ensoy 009 Jan 15, 2020 22 7 @ Dollar Jan 15, 2020 13 24 @ Lord Chaos Jan 15, 2020 18 6 @ painhappy Jan 15, 2020 28 13 @ Zombie Man Jan 15, 2020 31 21 @ N3l$0n- Jan 15, 2020 23 12 @ andres Jan 15, 2020 31 0 @ Zombie Man and @ andres you guys are amazing! You connected to the server each and every day. Just can't ask for better server activity than that! For the bans, I only counted permanent and non-reversed bans. Many of you have plenty of temporary bans also which is a HUGE part in making sure we have smooth play and even teams. Thank you for making and keeping the server going in the right direction! Please make sure you take the time to watch in spectator mode for hackers! @ [D]arkLord , @ Dollar , @ Zombie Man - Those bans speak volumes! You guys are going great work! @ Gypsy King : I don't know what happened to you, but you never replied to my PM here and haven't seen you on the server since last year. We are going to have to let you go and remove you from the admin list. Best of luck and I hope all is well. Please note: If anyone is going to be away for an extended time just drop a line and let us know. All we ask. If anyone has any questions or concerns please let me know! Also we are looking for a few more admins on the CTF server due to its popularity and the fact that we can't be on all the time. If you are an admin, please do your part in recruiting a few players you think would be a good fit on our team! All for this month, see you Feb 15th for another round! See you on the server!
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    Updated 01/19/2020 @ xPose` is undergoing a 14 days admin trial. Goodluck!
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    Updated 01/05/2020: @ Barnzz has been promoted as Co-Server Manager of the Server. Congratulations. Reorganized and time-tabbed the time of service of each member of the Team. @ Fsssuy has voluntarily stepped down due to real-life matters. We wish him luck in his future endeavors. Members marked with an asterisk have an uncertain time of service. @ MrKiller , @ #Tortilla# TheFath3r , please inform your Team Leaders the date you were appointed Server Admins in order to have the date edited. @ Pyro , @ wicho - el patron , @ Joker , @ Barnzz , please keep this thread updated, and add any information I may have missed.
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    Updated 05/01/2019: @ Sheep is stepping up as sole Staff-in-Charge due to @ MainlyCute 's promotion to Leader. We wish him a lot of success. The Server Manager position is currently vacant and a new position holder will be named soon. @ samuse and @ Badhannobiscuit 's service time is uncertain. Please, tell your Team Leaders (@ Softness & @ D.K. ) about when you've started your service as Server Admins so they can edit your service time. Thank you.
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    In-game name: sG|Goku SteamID : darkshadowninjja Paypal name: Dorjee Paypal email address: dorjeetsering29@hotmail.com Transaction ID: 3NM29903BW409324D Package you are purchasing: $40 package for 105,000 points Additional Info:
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    @ D.K. has been promoted to Server Manger for @ MrOtstej> Roster Updated.
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    In-game name: Sub-Zero SteamID : darkshadowninjja Paypal name: Dorjee Paypal email address: dorjeetsering29@hotmail.com Transaction ID: 3KB728572D1774621 Package you are purchasing: bought $30 (70, 000 points) package for zombie plague Additional Info:
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    @ JayKiikx has been added a Premium Donator. Thank your for your support! Roster updated.
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    In game game : Old Man Bobo steam id: STEAM_0:0:61191551 Paypal name: Derrick Wong Paypal emal: derrickwong85@gmail.com transaction id: 2TW18497F0521420A Package you are purchasing: zombie plague server points 90K plus bonus 15k = total 105,000 additional info: Amount: $40 Thank you Silent Gamerz family! see you in the servers !
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    Updated 1/15/2020 Removed Gypsy King
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    Updated 01/05/2020: @ painhappy has been appointed as new Staff. We wish him luck in his future endeavors. A new Server Manager for the Capture the Flag team will be decided soon.
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    When JetPacks came out, their Rocket (Secondary Attack) would deal 80-ish HP points to the enemy and it costed $9000-$10000. Back then everyone used and abused the JetPacks to no end. After many complaints over the broken state of JetPacks, @ The Mighty Don't Kneel managed to balance it well enough for it not to be on a broken spot. We are not planning on changing it again, sorry.
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    HOLY SHIT, AKURA! HI IT'S SO NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN! It's me, Psycho! I thought you were retired, but I'm really glad to see you still around. Have a lot of fun, man!
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    Thanks for your support. Have fun!!!!
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    @ SoNic^!!!---> @ D.K. @ [D]arkLord @ Shady Please share your opinion with us on this topic ... @ JustWatch @ Zest Since you are a member of the CTF family You are not excluded from participating in the topic
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    You must wait till next map. Your admin has been set up, also must wait for @ wicho - el patron to be on he will add your points
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    The snow map is a favorite of almost all players, many times they decide to wait for that map to be part of a classic being one of the most fun to entertain.Just for me that map has to stay. Regarding the map of nuke, he has some errors (bug) if he has been able to see it several times (which are: he does not let the players in the game says "full game") Sometimes I have to change the map but when there is admin ... but the times that there was no admin you had to wait for the game to end to play later. In my opinion, this map should be either replaced or fixed.
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    The snow map is a classic and one of my favorites personally, when the game is the full map of Gano around (400 points). In my opinion I say you should stay (no vouch) I agree with you for removing the map "de_ratts_1337" and "cs_office". Honestly these maps do not adapt to the game mode. Only campers are noticed. (vouch) The "De_nuke" map is the one with the most falls, apart from being one of the least chosen maps. I suggest you change it to "Blue." The blue map has a great history in the community, also being one of the old ones. (vouch)
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    Thanks for supporting us !!
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    Well ... I'll take care of this guy. Everything you mention in your thread is not at all an "Abuse." That is the benefits that one acquires when buying "VIP". You also say this: But do you have proofs to support this accusation? If you have proof, please post them. Now, considering your chat history, your attitude is quite toxic towards the players and staff of our community and is enough to ban you. I warned you several times and you ignored it, for now I will not do anything with you, but the next time something like this happens, I will gag you for 30 minutes, and time will continue to increase until you change your attitude.
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    In-game name: JayKiikx SteamID : darkshadowninjja Paypal name: Dorjee Paypal email address: dorjeetsering29@hotmail.com Transaction ID: 26E19410LV990332U Package you are purchasing: $5 for the skins and hats package for ZP Additional Info:
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    Confirmed and added.
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    confirmed. thank you for your donation... Jet
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    Updated 1/14/2020 Added @ andres as a trial admin - We wish him luck!
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    Added @ just watch as Donator. Thanks for supporting us!
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    @ MrOtstej> @ Egan
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    Thank you for your purchase! @ MrOtstej> @ Egan Confirm this for extra proof! @ MainlyCute @ The Cocoman @ painhappy @ Sheep @ Pyro if the extra proof is okay, honor is donation with the holy vip! @ swiftjew Thank you for your donations! Appreciate the help to the community
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    Anything related with CTF from now on tag @ The Cocoman
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    sorry was away.. confirmed... thanks for the donation. Happy New Year Everyone...
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    Wish you a many more happy returns of the day Have a nice day!!
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    @ wicho - el patron I can agree with him on first 2 stuff and for the third our zp is unique with many modes etc...So we need 8 rounds(8X5= 40 Mins Max) for 1 map but most of the time it ends faster.. For Evolution ZM i would like to have max hp of 4.25k so that it will be a balanced gameplay....For fire nade it can be max for 10 sec..
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    first. change the time of the fire nade its not can be so long its need to be like 4-7 sec not more . and then the zm evolution have too much hp i mean when u die like 5 times you have like 5 k + and you can kill someoen with sb like nothing and i have just something elso change the maps its alwyas the same maps and its will be good if u will do like that the map will chnage in like 20 minuts and not with 7 rounds i play for like 8 years in ZM mode and i never see somethig like nade more then 4-7 sec or zombie with more then 4 k so i hope you will maybe listen to half of my stuff to have better server and to enjoy more
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    In-game name: Pew Pew SteamID : STEAM_0:0:87378169
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    VIP removed from @ Ragini15 @ reliableakura you have 30$ saved for anything you want in the future.
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    @ Egan @ MrOtstej> thanks for your support
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    Its okay I dont need anymore points than what I have! If its okay? I request to set this donation aside for now and have it for other use! Thank and Merry Christmas all!
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    @ Egan @ MrOtstej> thanks for your support
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    Confirmed... Thank you for your donation... Merry Christmas!!!
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    Thank you for your support. Added to @ Ragini15
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    @ MrOtstej> @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ Pyro @ MainlyCute
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    As a courtesy! I just happen to see him wanting VIP and he was having trouble with payment. I have paid for his service and if it's okay? Owner, please add the service to his account. I do not know his details but only his user name which is "MJGamingPH". Here is the Transaction ID 2WG6806870433381C
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    The main objective of the Capture the Flag mod is to, as the name suggests, take actions in order to capture the flag. Now, to go into detail of this objective, we are not only talking about rushing towards the enemy flag as you suggest, but "to capture as many enemy flags as possible while defending your own team's flag." (Quote from Official Server Instructions), that is providing covering fire to teammates who are going on the offensive, zone-out enemies from attacking points (i.e. Long A for terrorists and B tunnels for counter-terrorists), securing the flag with mines, etcetera. We do not encourage anyone to ignore their own flag, in fact, when you say we are "restricting camping" you're partially incorrect. Now, to show you why you're partially incorrect, I'll quote in detail the rule that specifies camping from the Official Server Rules: "11. Excessively camping/skywalking in one spot with or without a long-distance weapon is forbidden for every player, except if the player is holding a stolen flag or healing on his/her own flag, this includes spawncamping (camping in areas near enemy spawn point, killing them as soon as they respawn). Any person engaging in a camping behavior will be punished by an admin on the spot.*". You see there that we are NOT punishing camping, but EXCESSIVE camping, and even though we're being flexible on what "excessive" is, we are measuring it by being rational with the time a player is camping a single spot. In fact, you can stay all the game in your team's half of the map without having to rush for the enemy flag even once, and that is described on the asterisk of said rule, which says: "*Players with a long-distance weapon are expected to roam different areas in a defensive play-style. Admins are expected to follow the correct procedure, which is a written warning, then up to three slaps without health punishment on the player, then a slay, then a kick-out of the server and, finally, a 15-minute ban. Each stage of the procedure according to the player's noncompliance of the warnings." The point of this rule is to punish players who are stalling the game by being in just one spot all the 30 minutes of the map, since it would create the following problems: If we allowed players to freely camp zones, since the camper is always in an advantageous position, then everyone would just camp their own base and not go out even once, effectively killing the nature of the Capture the Flag mod and turning it into a Deathmatch Server or Fy/Aim server, depending on the size of the map. Players would just choose to neglect certain areas of their map that need defending, essentially ignoring the goal which is taking actions to defend the flag (if one zone needs protection, and the player chooses an already guarded zone just because it's an easy-kill spot for campers then it is effectively going against the ultimate goal of the team). Since camping offers an advantage to the defending team, we've to provide a counter-play for the attacking team so they can choose which side to push/wait depending on which frontier is more or less guarded). In conclusion, it is false that we are totally restricting camping as a game-mechanic, but instead moderating it, giving some limits to those players who want to play in a defensive style, without sacrificing the nature of the mod. I hope I've given you enough reasons to dismiss your claim. Yes, it is true that balancing a game like Counter-Strike 1.6 mods is not an easy task. Moreover the fact that some CTF Shop Items can be purchased by points in order to farm for some points while slaughtering the enemy team which is a pretty un-fun mechanic, so we're discussing about nerfing some items that are indeed broken (i.e. Limitless Godmode) and buffing some other items that are more easily to counter-play. Even if it's true that VIPs have the right to be allowed access to better weapons and items, it's also true that the current state of the VIP is unbalanced, making the game unwelcoming to regular players, who we also care about. So yes, talks about nerfing said items and adding limits to FPSs and camp meters are in discussion.
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