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    ACTIVITY CHECK ZOMBIE PLAGUE TEAM Activity evaluation system is especially helpful in improving our efficiency more effectively. 1. Forum Activity - Server Admins need to be active in Forums. 2. In-game Activity - Server Admins need to be active in Servers following a sustainable basis. 3. Bans - Number of Bans made in March to April - Temporary bans are excluded. Admin Name Last Visit On Forums In-Game Activity Number of Bans @ Barnzz 7th April 2020 20 days 2 @ Genji 7th April 2020 15 days 3 @ -AssoumA- 7th April 2020 38 days 1 @ reliableakura 7th April 2020 11 days 0 @ HuMpTy 12th December 2019 84 days 0 @ xPose` 7th April 2020 7 days 0 @ rOy 29th March 2020 4 days 0 @ Suzana 15th March 2020 18 hours 0 @ Kyoto x Julia Bardera 1st March 2020 1 day 0 @ Pro-I-Cent 7th April 2020 13 days 0 @ AndSalx 4th March 2020 23 days 1 @ Ragini15 7th April 2020 25 days 1 @ Joker 7th April 2020 52 days 6 @ Nymph 7th April 2020 14 days 2 @ Genji You are active, hardworking and full of dedication to ZP. Keep up the great work @ -AssoumA- Your efforts and contribution to ZP are greatly appreciated by all of us. Keep up the great work @ reliableakura Thank you for all the support you have given to sG. Your time and devotion to ZP is very much appreciated @ HuMpTy You are active and always on the server watching out for hackers. Thank you for your active contribution in keeping ZP safe @ xPose` You've just joined our team and I wish you all the best and cheers to working with us in keeping ZP fun and safe @ rOy You are one of the longest admin in our team, thank you for your time and contribution to ZP. @ Kyoto x Julia Bardera You are crazily fun to be with and a strafe bully, Thank you for making ZP much more fun to play with when you're around, p.s. YOU ARE MISSED, be more ACTIVE @ Pro-I-Cent Thank you for being one of our longest contributor to ZP, i know you are about to become a Dad and am cheering u on your journey as one @ AndSalx You are also one of the longest contributor to ZP and thank you for always being the one to make ZP a friendly and conducive place to have fun @ Ragini15 You are so nice and lovely, thank you for your active contribution in ensuring ZP stays safe and fun. Thank you for being a part of the team. @ Joker You are one of the longest and active contributor to ZP. Your efforts and devotion to ZP will always be appreciated by us all. Thank you for everything u have given to sG and in ZP. @ Nymph You have been an important part of the Demo Reviewer team, thank you for contributing time and effort to detect hackers and ensure ZP stays safe and fun @ Suzana Your activity in forums and in game is rather low. Be that as it may, your past contributions and activeness are appreciated by us all. To all my dear Admins and fellow CO-SMs, Let's continue to keep up the great work together and strive to constantly make ZP a fun and amazing server for all of our players. Do what is right and we will always have your backs regardless of anything. Always know that we are a family and together we can overcome any problems to come. Thank you for your time and dedication to ZP server. Love yall
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    April Activity Check Greetings and Special announcements Hello fellow Team Guardians! Sentinels who spread fear to hackers and missbehaving people. We are proud to say that all of us keep safe and working the best and most popular CTF server from Gametracker.rs and evidently most popular server of Silentgamerz, is no joke that our competitors respect and admire our CTF server. All of this is thanks to every single one of you who keep this running by providing feedback, getting rid of hackers, suggesting things to improve, bringing players and keeping server in good shape! WE ARE CURRENTLY RANKED 50TH!!! Let's Hope to keep moving rankings providing a fun, superior and overall great experience in these times of crisis. All CTF staff feels obligated to give proper entertaiment for every player, we wish the best of lucks and happy FLAGGING! Evaluation Information We will evaluate the following on this activity check; Forum Activity. The last time the administrator logged into the forum. 2. In-Game Activity. Days connected in the last month. 3. Bans Number of bans made in the last month. Additional information In this evaluation we will only take into consideration the following dates March 6th, 2020 (03/06/2020) until April 5th, 2020 (04/06/2020). Only Bans given in Capture The Flag Server will be taken into consideration. Only Permanent Bans will be taken into consideration. Admins will be sorted from oldest to newest. Trial admins will not be taken into consideration. Paid/Donators will only be added to database but no real performance over bans/connected days will be graded for review. SM and Co-SM data base will be added but no real performance over bans/connected days will be graded for review. Evalutarion Result Grades Red - Needs Improvement White - Regular Green - Excellency Exonerations: @ SprinT - Personal Life Reasons that causes inactivity. @ andres - Personal Life Reasons that causes inactivity. @ [D]arkLord - Personal Life Reasons that causes inactivity. @ Ensoy 009 - Personal Life Reasons that causes inactivity. @ RustamTJ - He just joined our team April the 4th, 2020. Admin Name (Rank) Forum Activity (Last Log In) In Game Activity (Days Connected) Bans (Bans Given) @ SAKE酒 ~ Server Manager April 5th, 2020 30 31 @ N3l$0n- Co-Server Manager April 5th, 2020 24 7 @ Zest Premium Donator April 5th, 2020 27 3 @ Ensoy 009 Server Admin April 5th, 2020 14 2 @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi Server Admin April 5th, 2020 29 12 @ SoNic^!!!---> Server Admin March 25th, 2020 10 4 @ [D]arkLord Server Admin April 5th, 2020 14 17 @ SprinT Server Admin April 5th, 2020 13 2 @ FaZio' Server Admin April 5th, 2020 3 22 @ andres Server Admin April 5th, 2020 20 7 @ hossein Server Admin April 5th, 2020 29 15 @ Darha. Server Admin April 5th, 2020 14 30 @ dog] Donator April 5th, 2020 13 5 Performance Evaluation Review @ Ensoy 009 You are exonerated as stated before, we would love to see you at your full potential but life comes first and we respect that, thank you for staying with us! @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi Excellent conectivity! You are the admin who won the star for the most connectivity! Congratz! You and ensoy are the most experienced admins and your discernment while detecting hackers is at the top! Those two things combined when DemoReviewer application opens again, there is no other choice but to choose you! @ SoNic^!!!---> We hope everything is alright and that you will be back with us, we haven't received any notification of any reason for your absence, I sent you a private message, let us know everything is okay! @ [D]arkLord You are exonerated as stated before, Life comes first and we would love to see your fearcefull bans again! @ SprinT You are exonerated as stated before, Thank you for informing us of your situation. We are aware that your current new Steam ID doesn't show the correct numbers, keep us posted! @ FaZio' You have a great amount of bans and you are constantly checking other servers not giving hackers a break, I noticed that your gameme logs got reseted and the connectivity days showing do no represent the real data, so please dismiss the numbers showing up. We are more than lucky to have you in the CTF staff, You make hackers run away just by connecting to the server! @ andres You are exonerated as stated before, we are anxious to see you back and we feel sorry you can only be with us Sundays, we greatly appreciate the huge amount of effort to try to stay active, but remember SilentGamerz will be here for you, We strongly recommend to give all necessary attention to your life! @ hossein Superb performance! You only have a couple weeks with us and your numbers are skyrocking high! You offer a great competitivity in game, I counted your connectivity days before you were admin and decided to keep them in the data base, Keep it like that! @ Darha. Congratz! You are the admin who won the star for the most permanent bans! You recently joined us and we can't be more happy. Nice job on that! - I did noticed you have 7 bans not wearing [sG] tag and different name, please remember that you should wear your admin name and [sG] tag at all times. With the only exceptions being having Staff+ Permission or spectating a hacker in a stealth mode but when you give the ban, you do need to change your name back to your main one. @ SAKE酒 ~ will decide further actions. Special thanks to our most recent donators! @ RustamTJ @ dog] @ Jader and our premium donator @ Zest We are thankfull to you guys not only for donating but for helping us patrol server! Total monthly bans: 157 Goals to achieve and Premium thanks! We would like to look for a couple more admins we are lacking eyes in both time zones. America and Europe/Asia/Middle East. We do believe @ The Mighty Don't Kneel and myself @ N3l$0n- were able to fix the map bug, I am actively monitoring the server but will probably have a final conclusion next month! I can't say goodbye without giving huge thanks to @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ MrOtstej> @ painhappy @ Egan For making this community possible and their constant work for the servers. Of course for being at the top of the top on all sections @ SAKE酒 ~ , providing us the Top 1 Example of Connectivity and Bans! Thanks to @ MainlyCute for providing me extra flags to ensure server estability and correct function.
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    © SilentGamerz.

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    ¡MARCH ACTIVITY CHECK - CAPTURE THE FLAG TEAM! This section was left aside for two months, but here it is to return to let you know the performance of the administrators of our team. In this "Activity Check" the following is evaluated: "Forum Activity" (The last time the administrator logged into the forum). "In-Game Activity" (Days connected in the last month). "Bans" (Number of bans made in the last month). Important Information: In this month's section, only bans and gaming activity will be considered as of February 1th, 2020 (02/01/2020) until March 5, 2020 (03/05/2020). Only bans given in "Capture The Flag" will be taken into account. Only permanent bans will be taken into account. The following list will be sorted by the ranges established by the community ( Server Manager - Co-Server Manager - Server Admin ). "Trail Admins" will not be taken into account. Additional Information: Depending on the color it will be: "Red": Bad. "White": Regular. "Green": Good. Below is the list with all the points mentioned above. Admin Name. (Rank). Forum Activity. (Last Login) In-Game Activity. (Days Connected). Bans. ("CTF" Bans Only). Server Manager @ Dollar March 7th, 2020. 33 Days. 16 Bans Made. Co-Server Manager @ N3l$0n- March 7th, 2020. 26 Days. 7 Bans Made. Server Admin @ Ensoy 009 March 6th, 2020. 14 Days. 3 Bans Made. Server Admin @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi March 7th, 2020. 24 Days. 15 Bans Made. Server Admin @ SoNic^!!!---> March 6th, 2020. 29 Days. 14 Bans Made. Server Admin @ Shady February 19th, 2020. 1 Day. 0 Bans Made. Server Admin @ [D]arkLord March 7th, 2020. 25 Days. 8 Bans Made. Server Admin @ Tea March 7th, 2020. 8 Days. 2 Bans Made. Server Admin @ Zombie Man March 7th, 2020. 32 Days. 29 Bans Made. Server Admin @ andres March 7th, 2020. 7 Days. 0 Bans Made. Opinions: @ N3l$0n- I do not have much to say about you, although you are new to the community, you made yourself recognized and obtained, in a very short time, a rank that not everyone can have, I hope we can continue to count on you in the future. @ Ensoy 009 We know that you are fulfilling the obligations with your studies and we hope that, once you fulfill them, you will resume your activity as an administrator. @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi You are the most balanced administrator and the second most veteran of "Capture The Flag", although you should enjoy the game more and spend less spectator time. Good job and keep it up. @ SoNic^!!!---> , @ Zombie Man , @ [D]arkLord You three, along with Cataloni, are the best administrators we have in our "Capture The Flag" team, I don't have much to say since the numbers speak for themselves. Good job and keep it up. @ Tea @ andres I have not seen them much lately, their performance is quite low, I hope that next month it will improve and we hope to continue counting on you. @ Shady It is a shame, but we inform you that it will be demoted due to your poor performance as an administrator. It is a shame to have to lose another administrator, but the "SilentGamez" team wishes you luck in your life and future endeavors. That's all for this month, I thank everyone who was and is in this beautiful family of Gamerz! #sG
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    Hello silentgamerz, admins and above. We are currently trying to fix the glitch that prevents people to join a team, I will like admins and/or regular players to report each time it happens. List of maps that have been "fixed" or I would like to believe that. italy_32, fy_pool cs_crackhouse fy_snow de_dust de_dust2 cs_assault_1337 de_dust2_2002 de_dust2_2006 You will use this template Map: Time and date(EST/MIAMI TIME): Amount of players in spectator: Additional notes: All admins please be aware you can use this command in console, mapm_start_vote everytime is needed. When you do that, make players aware you are doing it because of map bug. I don't want to see any other command being used when we check server logs. @ Ensoy 009 @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi @ SoNic^!!!---> @ [D]arkLord @ Tea @ FaZio' @ andres @ hossein @ Darha. @ Jader @ dog] @ Zest @ krazy @ Mario
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    First off, i think its been made clear plenty of times that admins shouldn't use admin commands on other admins/donators unless they have been given permission by a staff+, even if in the case of albo they don't have admin powers. Secondly, i said this about a week ago and applies here as well. @ CrazyAlbo you know i have respect for you and appreciate you bud, but you need to stop getting annoyed about things in-game, i think i personally know you best out of everyone in here from the past 4 years and i know that you easily get provoked, just don't answer back or disable your chat and things will be smoother. As for the promotions topic, i think its worthwhile an answer. No, we don't promote based on donations, does it help in some way, yes. Every server needs a different type of server manager as every server is unique in its own self. A few things go into a promotion, timing is one of them. As you might see right now, our staff+ roster is thin, which means we need help in the server managing department until we find new and ready for the duty staff members. That's one of the reason we promoted a few admins to co sms, as for who got promoted early or because they donated statement, i was away since august, didn't keep in touch with who was getting promoted and who is new, only checked forums and steam every now and a then, so my vouch counted from previous experience and experience in the last month. The first person who messaged me with feedback for the server was Nelson, he gave me feedback of bugs and updates needed, showed interest and activity and got promoted. The other people that messaged me and gave me feedback where goku/genji and assouma, genji was active and showed interest, and assouma has been active/giving feedback/ideas/being a good admin for a while now, so it was a no brainer to promote them. From the 4+ years in here my memories recall only 1 server manager in ctf who actually donated as well, and that's happy, it's not a must or some massive boost. My biggest requirement to become a server manager in ctf/dd2 is feedback and some decent server activity, not money.
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    Thanks for the Support. Still a noob with 300 fps lol. jk
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    No thank you, you're permanently banned.
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    I started in this community around the time it had just formed many years ago(When many of u were in diapers..jk lol)... I first began playing on sG servers (CTF mostly) on 2014-2015 and fell in love with the community... i then signed up on the forum and began to rank up (like a soldier xD)... First, I became a trial admin (had 171 bans with 1 successful appeal xD, beat that lol) then i became admin then DR then I became a Staff back when SafOo was here (Great guy)... I remember when SOME of you who are in high positions (Owners, Leaders or Staff or DR) now, used to come to me for help when many of u had just started in the community. ''Oh hey albo can u put in a word for me' please broo''' ''hey albooo how you doing brotherr, wow its so nice to see you'' ''hey albo we missed u man where have u been''. Now, many of those people don't even say hello anymore(with the exception of @ MrOtstej> who treats everyone with same respect) ... Now, all i get is disrespect on all sides from getting banned multiple times by different admins, getting my admin access removed (literally only had cduie access and got removed because some people here feel like i curse to much even though many of them provoked me first or insulted me first)....to being treated like sh*t by someone like @ N3l$0n- who gagged me for 30 minutes (which is excessive) AFTER the fact that i asked @ N3l$0n- to ban a player on server who insulted me when i wasn't even talking to him...I don't know what this dude's problem is, ( could be because he got knifed 3 times while bunnyhoping xD) , but gagging someone 30 minutes when he gets insulted by another player first is excessive in my book.....This wasn't the first time that's happened, it has happened two more times before but i didn't report it... I have noticed that many of these people keep getting promoted quick or get ''special protection'' by many of you higher ups, which i don't blame you, you need the money for the community so i can understand that... BUT if money is what you people want, just know that the money and the contributions I have made for this community (which has switched hands so many times by so many different Owners) is a lot more than SOME of you here.... I also know that i too tend to curse a lot or get angry with people on server but that's only because i get provoked or insulted FIRST.... I do agree that i curse a lot too tho xD... I am not asking for access to anything or special treatment (like many of these people get), all am asking is for you people on the ''higher ground'' to talk to your admins to leave me the fuk alone and stop always trying to pick a fight on servers.. It always seems to be someone who wants to start something... STOP gagging me unfairly and excessively just because u have a personal grudge against me.. STOP slapping/slaying or banning me for BS reasons all the time on servers... Leave me the hell alone, let me enjoy the game in peace, it seems I am the only LEGEND here that gets the end of the stick all the time after everything I have done for this sG community but now ppl want to erase all that by saying ''Oh albo is so disrespectful he even lost his admin access''' '' albo your behavior has lead to where you are''' ''hey lets have a meeting to talk about how else we can screw albo'' .... I haven't done anything to u ppl to be treated unfairly....
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    In-game name: Jader SteamID : 76561198857189697 or Paypal name: Rahul Gahlot Paypal email address: gahlot.rahul@hotmail.com Transaction ID: 9HX78304WE128692Y Package you are purchasing: Elite VIP CTF Additional Info:
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    Harry Replied: Tuesday at 08:25 PM you know stay with your fucking admin they do not appreciate the support that one gives them and I will not spend money on something that they do not appreciate because they do not have more evidence of the vote of the chat above I always vote for round two and I put it until like 6 You noticed once you asked me and I sent you the proof that blames reliable for disliking him, suspend him who, when he goes first, does not put nemesis in the final round, puts a normal round, find out that idiot too I dislike that, stay with your fucking admin investiga por que reliable omite el nemesis cuando el va primer lugar a verigua eso solo quiero una prueba ahi esta su proxima donacion .l. averiguen primero I don't need to explain myself, you get 3 days for doing mode without vote, the ss you give me was from a battleroyal and the proof i got its from coronavirus mod. adding to that you are lying and the fact you are disrespecting me and others admins from zp it will be a week.
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    In-game name: sG Barnzz & ^^^Market Hacker! ^^^ {@SG} SteamID : STEAM_0:0:237374167 & STEAM_0:0:666138757 Paypal name: Dorjee Paypal email address: dorjeetsering29@hotmail.com Transaction ID: 7WD0054391282164H Package you are purchasing: 2 Legendary Vip packages Additional Info: @ Pyro , @ painhappy , @ MainlyCute
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    En nombre del juego: sG | Vinicius Jr #El Patrón Identificación de Steam: STEAM_0: 0: 01556352558 Nombre de PayPal: Andres Correo electrónico de Paypal: andresnelson88@hotmail.com ID de destino: 10706907EL7437637 Paquete que está comprando: admin 8 dolares, zombie plague Información adicional:
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    @ Harry confirmed and thank you very much. Will have you set up with access soon! @ Pyro @ wicho - el patron
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    Updated 03/08/2020. @ Shady Has been demoted due to inactivity. The "SilentGamerz" team wishes you luck in your life and future endeavors.
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    @ Barnzz someone needs to write something about u, although im a new admin but i have been playing for a long time, seen u many times online and u are so much fun to play with, if anyone has a problem u immedietly help him. and ofc ur effort put in all these posts SilentGamerz team are sure lucky to have u
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    @ SAKE酒 ~ Has been moved to DR. Updated.
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    This activity check was only conducted on CO-SMs, Server Admins and Demo Reviewers Pete, we all already know how much u contribute in our hearts @ Phantom Peteyy.
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    In game name : Old Man Bobo steam id: STEAM_0:0:61191551 Paypal name: Derrick Wong Paypal emal: derrickwong85@gmail.com Transaction ID: 70R81487C6243540U Package you are purchasing: 6 months admin for zombie plague server. Additional info: Thanks sG family. See you in the servers! Total Amount: $36 (easter sale $6 x 6months = $36)
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    extended by 6 months, thanks a lot for the support
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    sick and tired of childish shit, knock it off everyone. closed.
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    Name: Genji `sG` Type of Boost: Weekly Server you boosted: ZP Proof: Transaction ID: 9KC33573KB0597408 Additional Info: @ painhappy , @ The Mighty Don't Kneel
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    coronavirus fuck the team balance
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    what actually happens is this: for exemple when you join this zp server (x zp server) you download all the ressources of this server, so you download sprites too, so if this zp server have for exemple (awpsprite) for a certain extra item, what will happen is if you joined another zp server for exemple (sg zp server) you download all the ressources of this server too, and now pay attention what happens is that this sg zp server have also an extra item with the same sprite (awpsprite) that are used on the other x zp server, so the thing is your cs sprites folder get confused so the same sprite get deleted and became missed from the folder the solution is to delete all your cs 1.6 folder and re-download all ressources from begining and re-join the server that you wanted to play on it, and stop playing in the other zp server that have the same sprite of the old one
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    @ frAd^ added as Trial Admin. @ -=-=[SureBall]=-=- added as Trial Admin. Roster Updated. 29/03/2020
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    @ Joker @ Ragini15 @ Lord Chaos
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    Uhh... yeah: I didn't add assault_upc You didn't ask me to remove any of the aforementioned maps, you asked for "cs_assault_1337_snow" to be removed and I did so. Watch out, DarkLord. cs_assault_1337 is still one of the more popular maps in the server. It's a hostage map so obviously it has a camping nature to it. Thanks for slightly ruining my morning, jackass.
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    In-game name: Sheep SteamID : STEAM_0:0:106670643 Paypal name: Humza A. Paypal email address: pinklemon421@gmail.com Transaction ID: 0NA720866G274820L Package you are purchasing: Basic VIP + $5 points ($15 donation) Additional Info: @ MainlyCute
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    @ Jader confirmed! Thank you. will set you up with elite status now and will take effect on the next map change.
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    that hud is cancer
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    I go to nap for 2 hours and wake up to 7 mentions and a thread with 26 replies. First off from my encounters with barnzz he has been one of the most consistent zp admins through the times, and personally haven't seen him abuse in any way, if you have proof of slays, kicks, bans etc you will need to post video proof of it. As for the gag itself. 7 days is too much, and since he apologised, we will remove the gag earlier. Just a reminder, this is a game after all, its for fun not for threats and arguments. Not expecting you guys to become best friends, but keep it normal, don't hold grudges and focus on having fun, not answering back on threads like this or thinking what you will say next to prove the other guy is wrong. Not worth it.
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    Lmao, @ Genji please share what this ignorant and hypocritical kid wrote when I was not in the server that u sent a pm to me about. Secondly, I gagged u because u were the one trying to stir the fight with me. U wanna talk shit about me? Say it to my face, don cower and hide behind when I'm not in the server to call me a fked admin. Don't need to bring in other community players when you firstly came into the server, infected me and then proceed to type a middle finger to kickstart this whole commotion? My relationship with other community players are all fine except to those selective few who are immature and just loves to stir shit with me like you. If u dare to type, why not dare to face the consequence? I then slay a player who wasnt trying in the server and u proceeded to comment on my behaviour that all i know is slaying? I'm enforcing rules and if u're not old enough to face the consequences of your actions then be a mute and not type at all to me lmao. I'm doing u a favour by gagging your filthy mouth since u cant seem to afford the result of your behaviour. U wanna stir shit with me by insulting me and typing middle fingers, I'm more than happy to take u up for it but just so u know, u're just another wimp who cannot owe up to your actions and face the results of your choice to insult me. U were trying to pissed me off with your comments like YESSS PYRO after he caught me in HNS and so many more actions from you that indicated that you're trying to start a fight with me in the server. Go and reflect on your own actions before acting like the victim here, you disgust me. http://silentgamerz.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/1972077
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    Updated 12/03/2020 @ Genji has been promoted to CO-SM. @ -AssoumA- has been promoted to CO-SM. Congrats
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    Plans to add... 1. For in-game excitement i would like to implement kill streak voice sound effect. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=152034 2. For better game-play when player will be below 10 in server, One bomb site will be locked. http://www.amxmod.net/amxfiles/plugins/gameplay/bombsite_lock.zip @ MainlyCute @ Sheep @ Softness
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    @ Dollar dude... Thank you so much for the tremendous work you've done I appreciate it. You're folk of this job. Stay with us. ✌ @ Zombie Man Impressive results, dude I wish you to be promoted to higher positions. Stay with us. Go sG
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    In-game Name : ~!iNdOo ID : STEAM_0:1:465805961
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    «Staff in Charge» @ painhappy (Since January 12th, 2020) «Server Manager» - «Co - Server Manager» @ N3l$0n- (Since February 16th, 2020) «Server Admins» @ Ensoy 009 (Since July 17th, 2019) @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi (Since August 2nd, 2019) @ SoNic^!!!---> (Since October 22nd, 2019) @ [D]arkLord (Since December 7th, 2019) @ SprinT (Since December 16th, 2019) @ FaZio' (Since January 10th, 2020) @ andres (Since February 2nd, 2020) @ hossein (Since March 27th, 2020) @ Darha. (Since March 31st, 2020) @ Mario (Since April 7th, 2020) «Premium Donators» @ Zest (Unconditional Supporter since 2017) «Donators» @ Amorphis (Supporter since December 13th, 2019) @ swiftjew (Supporter since January 10th, 2020) @ just watch (Supporter since January 13th, 2020) @ Jader (Supporter since March 23rd, 2020) @ dog] (Supporter since April 1st, 2020) @ RustamTJ (Supporter since April 4th, 2020) «Trial Admins» @ krazy (Since March 18th, 2020) The Official Roster is subject to change and will be updated by Server Managers and +Staff when changes occur.
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    @ N3l$0n- i would like to add on this post that nelson did a great job... 1000 bans on going boiz
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    0CM74511F7076201V 47k points for CTF $15
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    if the bug appears every admin can use the command
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    In-game name: [sG] dog] $tfu #p2d SteamID : STEAM_0:0:10250006 Paypal name: RYAN Paypal email address: sixnine1978@gmail.com Transaction ID: 0BN155597V7969222 Package you are purchasing: ctf elite vip Additional Info: im donating for admin in ctf and a points package in ctf fyi
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    Thanks for the suport, don't kill me please hahaha Enjoy it!!!!
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    I will try to find it, but it is supposed that if they use VPN it is because you want to hide your real IP, cheats use it for when they ban them to return instantly and continue to annoy, most legitimate players do not need to use that, the plugin just kicks you and it notifies you "don't use VPN, to play on our server" it works a lot for example with that speed hacker that copies the names, which bothers most of the servers from UUEE
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    I dont remember the map name, but a assault map which contains glass openings on top of T base.In that map CT have more advantages over teleportation granade. One can stand on top of roof an throw a nade near to their base and jump take the flag and teleported..Which is kind of annoying to players. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel
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    Confirmed. @ wicho - el patron can you give him some points?
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    Updated 03/18/2020: @ mariano 's Trial Admin has been extended for one week. Added @ krazy as Trial Admin. We wish him luck.
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    I put it to bring more people to that time (since at that time there are not many people), I will review that.
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    Thanks for the support <3
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    SilentGamerZ Capture the Flag - Official Server Rules The SilentGamerZ Capture the Flag gaming community, under the values of respect, honor and honesty, have decided to abide themselves by these set of rules, with the intention of keeping the server under the wiseful guide of justice and good judgement, in order to maintain a healthy behaviour in the community. The following rules are exclusive for Capture the Flag, and are subsidiary to the Official Community Rules. 1. Any camping/skywalking will result in a temporary ban. 2. Any person who has been proven of using cheats in the game, such as wallhacks, aimbots, speedhacks, autobunnyhop or third-party programs destined to cheat in the game will be punished with a permanent ban. 3. Any spamming or any advertising in the servers will result in a kick/ban. 4. Any person who has been proven of being racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or engaging in any kind of discriminating behavior with the intention of causing psychological harm will receive a warning by the community officers on the first offence, or gagged/banned if the behavior has been repeated. The lengths of the punishment will be proportional to the damage caused. 5. Any person who has been proven of trashtalking, insulting, slander, or falsely defame any other person with the intention of causing psychological harm and violating said person's right to honor will receive a warning by the community officers on the first offence, or gagged/banned if the behavior has been repeated. The lengths of the punishment will be proportional to the damage caused. 6. Being AFK in the server when the server is full will result in a kick. 7. Ghosting, LANing, or screening will result in a ban. 8. Teaming to gain XP or Points will result in your points being reset. 9. Impersonating any Member, Server Admin, or Staff, or stealing their tag/nickname will result in a name change. 10. Exploiting bugs will result in a ban. 11. Excessively camping/skywalking in one spot with or without a long-distance weapon is forbidden for every player, except if the player is holding a stolen flag or healing on his/her own flag, this includes spawncamping (camping in areas near enemy spawn point, killing them as soon as they respawn). Any person engaging in a camping behavior will be punished by an admin on the spot.* 12. Any person who has been proven of sabotaging his/her own team by purposefully returning the enemy flag or changing teams to return your previous team's flag will be punished with a ban of 1 hour. *Players with a long-distance weapon are expected to roam different areas in a defensive play-style. Admins are expected to follow the correct procedure, which is a written warning, then up to three slaps without health punishment on the player, then a slay, then a kick-out of the server and, finally, a 15-minute ban. Each stage of the procedure according to the player's noncompliance of the warnings. Complementary Reading: Server Instructions for New Players
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