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  1. Where are you?

    1. Ragini15


      HEy what's up?


  2. Hello everyone! Sorry I have been out for the past few days due to an emergency oral surgery! However, I am feeling much better now and will be more active starting today on forward! 🙂

  3. Sorry im still new to this server and I do not know when is the last or final round or how this all goes!
  4. I am not an advance player and it chose me like 5 times during my play and its annoying. I agree most like these special rounds and neme but not all agree the same way of how its being implemented. Thank you Wicho for looking into this! I do not want expect any sort of changes but I was just airing my complaints about how it’s chosing players.
  5. I’m not sure if I read the right or anywhere in tthe rules about me leaving during a neme round.
  6. Not really a big issue but I’d appreciate you guys input and for taking the time to respond! Happy New Year
  7. I will try to make this short and simple! While I know admin and those in power love to use the command to start special rounds but can there be at least one single round where there isnt multiple special rounds? Also, about how the system in choosing who should be neme or etc? It should be random and not just pick the one with the highest score or best score? This is what I was told by other fellow admins and staff. In my opinion? It should be randomly selected without discriminations in all special rounds. Also? If possible? Whoever makes the rules around here to please at least come up with a rule of no more than 2 special rounds per map change. Thank you!
  8. Its okay I dont need anymore points than what I have! If its okay? I request to set this donation aside for now and have it for other use! Thank and Merry Christmas all!
  9. Here is the transaction ID: 45M11291LM5656230 This is a 2 month Legendary VIP subscription for member "Ragini15". Paypal name: My Van Paypal email: reliableakura@yahoo.com Note: I will have her come in here and fill in all her info for her subscription to be added onto her account since I do not know her steam ID and her account info inside the game. Thank you!
  10. Transaction ID 6YT884004S253812J paypal name: My Van paypal email: reliableakura@yahoo.com SteamID: 9X57743416576970P username in game: reliableakura note: 5 months of paid admin for zombie server. Thanks!
  11. Merry Christmas everyone! 

  12. Another question to the owner? I just seen the 15% off for VIP package so does that mean I get 4 months instead of 3 months for the VIP? Please confirm? Thank you!
  13. As a courtesy! I just happen to see him wanting VIP and he was having trouble with payment. I have paid for his service and if it's okay? Owner, please add the service to his account. I do not know his details but only his user name which is "MJGamingPH". Here is the Transaction ID 2WG6806870433381C
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