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  1. If it's something that happens at 2:00 AM CST it's due to a server restart daily.
  2. LoL, what's your steam id? Transaction ID: 292574063M165723B @ MainlyCute
  3. @ L3gend As soon as it is confirmed, I will be adding your points.
  4. @ L3gend You are absolutely right on everything you point out. But it is a fact that assault it's a highly popular map and majority wins. I fixed the skywalking issue, no one should be able to skywalk on that map. Moved the flags to a more balanced gameplay area.
  5. In order to add your points you need to be in game, if you see me let me know.
  6. @ abow1717 VIP on what server?
  7. LoL, hit me up on steam so i can give you more ideas. Quality is good but we can ramp that!
  8. Gracias por tus servicios smiley, las puertas estan abiertas. Done.
  9. Thank you for the donation jader!
  10. For some reason walkguardmenu doesn't work for me so i can't fix that.
  11. I added you on steam, let me know when you are in game so i can add the points.
  12. Hmmm I might try to re-gain my throne lol Thanks for the donation makina!
  13. N3l$0n-


    Ban details. https://silentgamerz.org/banned/bans/5496.html @ sAmara Upload your demo @ xzor Make sure you check your cstrike folder in case screenshots were taken.
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