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  1. For gods sake! Alright i will take a look into it. @ Mario If it happens again make sure to add the time so i can know exactly where to look at. Thank you!
  2. @ Zest Get out of here! You turd! Thanks for the donation!
  3. April Activity Check Greetings and Special announcements Hello fellow Team Guardians! Sentinels who spread fear to hackers and missbehaving people. We are proud to say that all of us keep safe and working the best and most popular CTF server from Gametracker.rs and evidently most popular server of Silentgamerz, is no joke that our competitors respect and admire our CTF server. All of this is thanks to every single one of you who keep this running by providing feedback, getting rid of hackers, suggesting things to improve, bringing players and keeping server in good shape! WE ARE CURRENTLY RANKED 50TH!!! Let's Hope to keep moving rankings providing a fun, superior and overall great experience in these times of crisis. All CTF staff feels obligated to give proper entertaiment for every player, we wish the best of lucks and happy FLAGGING! Evaluation Information We will evaluate the following on this activity check; Forum Activity. The last time the administrator logged into the forum. 2. In-Game Activity. Days connected in the last month. 3. Bans Number of bans made in the last month. Additional information In this evaluation we will only take into consideration the following dates March 6th, 2020 (03/06/2020) until April 5th, 2020 (04/06/2020). Only Bans given in Capture The Flag Server will be taken into consideration. Only Permanent Bans will be taken into consideration. Admins will be sorted from oldest to newest. Trial admins will not be taken into consideration. Paid/Donators will only be added to database but no real performance over bans/connected days will be graded for review. SM and Co-SM data base will be added but no real performance over bans/connected days will be graded for review. Evalutarion Result Grades Red - Needs Improvement White - Regular Green - Excellency Exonerations: @ SprinT - Personal Life Reasons that causes inactivity. @ andres - Personal Life Reasons that causes inactivity. @ [D]arkLord - Personal Life Reasons that causes inactivity. @ Ensoy 009 - Personal Life Reasons that causes inactivity. @ RustamTJ - He just joined our team April the 4th, 2020. Admin Name (Rank) Forum Activity (Last Log In) In Game Activity (Days Connected) Bans (Bans Given) @ SAKE酒 ~ Server Manager April 5th, 2020 30 31 @ N3l$0n- Co-Server Manager April 5th, 2020 24 7 @ Zest Premium Donator April 5th, 2020 27 3 @ Ensoy 009 Server Admin April 5th, 2020 14 2 @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi Server Admin April 5th, 2020 29 12 @ SoNic^!!!---> Server Admin March 25th, 2020 10 4 @ [D]arkLord Server Admin April 5th, 2020 14 17 @ SprinT Server Admin April 5th, 2020 13 2 @ FaZio' Server Admin April 5th, 2020 3 22 @ andres Server Admin April 5th, 2020 20 7 @ hossein Server Admin April 5th, 2020 29 15 @ Darha. Server Admin April 5th, 2020 14 30 @ dog] Donator April 5th, 2020 13 5 Performance Evaluation Review @ Ensoy 009 You are exonerated as stated before, we would love to see you at your full potential but life comes first and we respect that, thank you for staying with us! @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi Excellent conectivity! You are the admin who won the star for the most connectivity! Congratz! You and ensoy are the most experienced admins and your discernment while detecting hackers is at the top! Those two things combined when DemoReviewer application opens again, there is no other choice but to choose you! @ SoNic^!!!---> We hope everything is alright and that you will be back with us, we haven't received any notification of any reason for your absence, I sent you a private message, let us know everything is okay! @ [D]arkLord You are exonerated as stated before, Life comes first and we would love to see your fearcefull bans again! @ SprinT You are exonerated as stated before, Thank you for informing us of your situation. We are aware that your current new Steam ID doesn't show the correct numbers, keep us posted! @ FaZio' You have a great amount of bans and you are constantly checking other servers not giving hackers a break, I noticed that your gameme logs got reseted and the connectivity days showing do no represent the real data, so please dismiss the numbers showing up. We are more than lucky to have you in the CTF staff, You make hackers run away just by connecting to the server! @ andres You are exonerated as stated before, we are anxious to see you back and we feel sorry you can only be with us Sundays, we greatly appreciate the huge amount of effort to try to stay active, but remember SilentGamerz will be here for you, We strongly recommend to give all necessary attention to your life! @ hossein Superb performance! You only have a couple weeks with us and your numbers are skyrocking high! You offer a great competitivity in game, I counted your connectivity days before you were admin and decided to keep them in the data base, Keep it like that! @ Darha. Congratz! You are the admin who won the star for the most permanent bans! You recently joined us and we can't be more happy. Nice job on that! - I did noticed you have 7 bans not wearing [sG] tag and different name, please remember that you should wear your admin name and [sG] tag at all times. With the only exceptions being having Staff+ Permission or spectating a hacker in a stealth mode but when you give the ban, you do need to change your name back to your main one. @ SAKE酒 ~ will decide further actions. Special thanks to our most recent donators! @ RustamTJ @ dog] @ Jader and our premium donator @ Zest We are thankfull to you guys not only for donating but for helping us patrol server! Total monthly bans: 157 Goals to achieve and Premium thanks! We would like to look for a couple more admins we are lacking eyes in both time zones. America and Europe/Asia/Middle East. We do believe @ The Mighty Don't Kneel and myself @ N3l$0n- were able to fix the map bug, I am actively monitoring the server but will probably have a final conclusion next month! I can't say goodbye without giving huge thanks to @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ MrOtstej> @ painhappy @ Egan For making this community possible and their constant work for the servers. Of course for being at the top of the top on all sections @ SAKE酒 ~ , providing us the Top 1 Example of Connectivity and Bans! Thanks to @ MainlyCute for providing me extra flags to ensure server estability and correct function.
  4. Updated 04/05/2020: Added @ RustamTJ as Donator. Thanks for supporting us!
  5. N3l$0n-

    Zest owned again

    Estas enamorado de zest? Asi me sale la novia de mi amigo cuando lo jodo, toda meca.
  6. Map: de_dust2002 Time and date(EST/MIAMI TIME): 7:44 PM Amount of players in spectator: 2 Additional notes: Map already started when i joined, time left for map change 14:50 minutes
  7. Hello silentgamerz, admins and above. We are currently trying to fix the glitch that prevents people to join a team, I will like admins and/or regular players to report each time it happens. List of maps that have been "fixed" or I would like to believe that. italy_32, fy_pool cs_crackhouse fy_snow de_dust de_dust2 cs_assault_1337 de_dust2_2002 de_dust2_2006 You will use this template Map: Time and date(EST/MIAMI TIME): Amount of players in spectator: Additional notes: All admins please be aware you can use this command in console, mapm_start_vote everytime is needed. When you do that, make players aware you are doing it because of map bug. I don't want to see any other command being used when we check server logs. @ Ensoy 009 @ Mc EL CaTaLoNi @ SoNic^!!!---> @ [D]arkLord @ Tea @ FaZio' @ andres @ hossein @ Darha. @ Jader @ dog] @ Zest @ krazy @ Mario
  8. N3l$0n-


    Thanks for your donation genji!
  9. N3l$0n-

    Zest owned again

    Zest really enjoys it.
  10. N3l$0n-

    Owning Zest

    Zest delighted by my knife.
  11. 0CM74511F7076201V 47k points for CTF $15
  12. change map with mapm_start_vote You put that in console. @ dog]
  13. Thank you dog, good to see you here. @ MainlyCute @ painhappy
  14. Thanks for your donation!
  15. Then it becomes a nightmare because frost nade stays. cs_assault_1337 is the only one that is balance enough. So keep that one.
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