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  1. @ Mr.happy^^ @ Jader Can you check the files and check the models?
  2. Updates 10/13/2020 Double Damage decreased price from 50 to 35 added a 30 second limit God Mode Increased limit from 1 to 3 per map Health Regeneration decreased price from 35 to 25 increased limit from 2 to 3 per map increased HP gained from 2 to 4 per second Armor Regeneration decreased price from 25 to 20 increased limit from 2 to 3 per map Rocker Launcher added a 1 per map limit restored Bazooka damage Vengeance Mode Removed because it was crashing the server VIP knife added No footsteps increased freezer from 1 to 2 added 1 thunder L-VIP knife gravity reduced to 0.75 added No footsteps increased Thunder and freezer limit from 2 to 3 Added HP regen 2 New Maps added: awp_castle_old awp_ancient_land ctf_city_day ctf_hive ctf_street ctf_white
  3. @ Stryker Make sure you add these new users points.
  4. Agregue este post adentro del "thread" correcto.
  5. @ Bruce Next time you record a demo of someone "camping" with a gun, make sure he is not actually fixing the fucking weapon, thank you.
  6. Bazooka ratio lowered and priced moved to 150 Dragon cannon got a boost in range and damage but lowered reload time to 5 seconds, priced moved to 200. Dragon cannon is available for all players to help counter the bazooka.
  7. Your steam id changes for some reason, maybe your version of counter strike makes your steam id change after a while. Try using warzone version of cs, points will be added.
  8. «- Staff in Charge -» @ Jader (Since September 29, 2020) «- Server Manager -» @ Yuno (Since October 16, 2020) «- Co Server Manager -» @ [C]razy ]S[hots (Since October 22, 2020) «- Server Admins -» «- Premium Donators -» - «- Donators -» - «- Trial Admins -» @ sG | R.O.N | SilentGamerz (Since October 22nd, 2020) @ Surface (Since October 22nd, 2020) The Official Roster is subject to change and will be updated by Server Managers and +Staff when changes occur.
  9. Add me on steam or let @ D.K. know to add your points, btw it's just 1K points.
  10. Regarding the knife and weapons at the beginning of the map, VIPS can get normal weapons without money but regular players can buy normal weapons with CTF points as well, and there is a VIP knife that gives you all knives on 1 knife. About the faster bhopers it's just because of good fps, try fps_override 1 and fps_max 900 if you have steam.
  11. Will talk to mighty about it, he has been offline so I can't promise updates will happen soon.
  12. He sent the other 2 dollars to make it 10. Donation confirmed.
  13. @ wicho - el patron Add the points.
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