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  1. I could only compare this to Daysi's Destruction, forbbiden material! lol
  2. de_nuke_rarea need skywalk/camping restrictions, will try to show you the areas on a demo.
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    kill sound

    Thank you for your suggestion Hossein, your request will be taken in to consideration. As Darklord stated, adding the sounds may or may not cause more lag to the server.
  4. Marvel era is over, Moving to DC! lol
  5. Name: Nelson Type of Boost: Daily boost Server you boosted: CTF Proof: Receipt number: 0T419533J8442304Y CTF didn't had a weekly boost sunday as usual. Please double check @ Egan @ MrOtstej> @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ MainlyCute
  6. In-game name: [sG]Ne!$0n SteamID : STEAM_0:0:48919441 Paypal name: Paypal email address: Transaction ID: 0V892704U3945730A Package you are purchasing: 22k Points CTF $10 Additional Info: Nope.
  7. Take a look at my demo please. https://www.mediafire.com/file/3wgfudztpbch6x0/poolday.dem/file
  8. 38K doesn't make sense counting the amount of kills and deaths you have on gameme . @Staff No one has reported that issue again in game, please beware. It literally only happened once and it happened to all of gameme players.
  9. En lo que todos podemos estar de acuerdo es que zombie man es el mas manco, tanto como en velocidad como aim.
  10. Sounds more like giving us bhopers advantage, with MP5 you have more chances to kill a bhoper. My vouch is no, AoG's CTF had the m3 but the server didn't had that much air acceleration and no parachute. Even without that, bhopers had a big advantage since dodging a shotgun is easier than hundreds of bullets. There is a reason why the MP5 is there, it provides good knockback power to stop someone jumping when they hit the floor again.
  11. Why was it changed in the first placed? As long as I remember around 2014, Mp5 was already the main weapon in sG CTF.
  12. You don't even have to install the plugin, but to add spawns with hammer editor. (Installing the plugin is the easy/lazy way) To remove lag, the heaviest plugin is the frost nade ---> effect<----, which causes huge FPS drops when sparkles, glass, ice graphics are triggered.(Remove effect not the nade itself) Is not about being good or not, is about balancing the game. Take a look at the screenshot uploaded in media fire link. Same situation we had with the huge unbalance of GOD mode. CTS will sourround TS on a little, closed enviroment area spamming their guns but that's just the idea and purpose of the map. TS have to hold until CTS run out of time. (We do not have a timer for rounds).
  13. Office problem is not about map spawns, is about the structure of the map. (Unbalanced) (ct sided) Nuke32, Well we can try to install and hopefully this one has enough spawn points. Overall the spawn situation can be fixed with a plugin. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=581404 It's very
  14. Regarding the new maps they are all designed for Deathmatch/CTF, so they have plenty of spawn points. That's why i made sure they were CTF maps specifically. The regular de_nuke map is bugged so players can't join even if you re-start map(change it to the same map). You are not able to join if you don't connect on the first minute or two. Let's ask the real questions here, who has FTP access to the server?
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    Sin llorar
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    Sin llorar
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    high score 2

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    high score

  20. Some maps when voted and server goes to that map, Players can't join the game. Please watch the demo I uploaded, everything said has a logical and well based reason.
  21. Sorry but did you read why the maps needs to be removed? Maps are bugged, unbalanced and laggy. de_nuke, cs_office and de_ratts_1337 are the most urgent ones. What new maps? xmas maps were removed and the previous ones were added back. I never said remove frost nade.
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