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  1. De_nuke and de_nuke_snow is both have camping slot and +point fot ct to coming from roof way and directly shoot at t spawn so negative don't add it Dust 2002 is good map but map was too big Other map looks fine if if thry have caping point then don't add them
  2. [sG] [D]arkLord 14623 Point accurately Steam:- same as my admin app
  3. already done and after that justwatch complaining against me that i am miss us my powers so my advice removed that camp map if we removed camp maps then we admins dont need to use power against campers or u add camp meter
  4. [D]arkLord

    CTF maps

    We have a lot of dust maps de_dust2_2x2_xmas de_dust2_christmas2 de_dust2_xmas de_dust2_2x2_winter de_dust2 de_dust2_2006 de_dust2_1337 Remove them today players complaining about it they feel bored repeated playing of dust maps And another thing is want to say remove cs_assult_1337 it's a holy shit campaign map and have +point for terrorist they camp in top floor of dark rooms and take a lightning AWP and shoot direct shot towards ct flag there why removed that It's my personal opinion Previously i suggest it but the cocomam says this maps is last after new year this map will remover but still it have
  5. I did nt notice that but thnks zombie for attending it
  6. suggest:- remove cs_assault_1337_snow in this map t team have advantages camp in rooms and shot there why remove it
  7. In this demo saw the player name and search that player name in gameme their u got steam I'd of that player recent active I'd and give ban i will help u to provide steam I'd as soon as possible by me Thank you
  8. welcome to sG enjoy your stay
  9. NAME IN GAME:- [D]arkLord Steam:- STEAM_0:0:242376210 i am not new the too old here but in this new forum i am new
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