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  1. staff remove those maps from map list cuz all cts camping at t spawn area then t players cant getout from there rooms so remove this previously i alreay give this suggetion and the cocoman asked me it will be removed by december 31 of 2019 but those are still in list u can see the previous reply of the cocoman @ MainlyCute , @ painhappy , @ MrOtstej>
  2. to be loyal i did nt understand anything everything bounced over my head can some one say me what is it in short language
  3. server is under regular maintenance there why server is offline we will be fixed it soon
  4. [D]arkLord

    kill sound

    ya i remember this thing awesome thing Monster Killm rampage, Megakill, Unstoppable, GodlIke, Eagle eye this sounds is great but ctf is heavy mod server maybe this thing will lag our server @Staff
  5. Agree jp n admins slay also usefull there why need to restrict those area
  6. Bcuz if someone falls then the player can't get out from that place without help of jetpack or help of slay there where
  7. hey guys still i dont rcv free points for zombie
  8. No mainly our poolday map near pool u can go under the map i tried it on my self U need to restrict that area
  9. We have zero tolerance for hackers Staff may add ban on this profile And move to right place
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