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  1. This month, without a doubt, was one of the most difficult compared to the previous ones, but next month I will try to improve.
  2. no doubt the players always got used to using new weapons and although many of them do not remember it, for the new ones it will be a very fun experience. I think.
  3. the nuke map itself can be distributed but only when you enter the first three minutes of the game, if you arrive later, it does not allow you to enter ... that little was chosen in the CTF sever that map, and what happened to those who arrived then he did not allow them to enter the game. I had to start voting again so that players can enter and enjoy the game.
  4. The snow map is a favorite of almost all players, many times they decide to wait for that map to be part of a classic being one of the most fun to entertain.Just for me that map has to stay. Regarding the map of nuke, he has some errors (bug) if he has been able to see it several times (which are: he does not let the players in the game says "full game") Sometimes I have to change the map but when there is admin ... but the times that there was no admin you had to wait for the game to end to play later. In my opinion, this map should be either replaced or fixed.
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