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  1. If you mean this photo, I sent it, bro If you look, these are not my rank points My rank points was exactly 8.238, which means 8k rank points And I want you to come back
  2. Yes, exactly Can I give the photo now that it has been deleted ?? Or a photo from when my rank points was 8k ?? If you want a photo from when my rank points was 8k, unfortunately I did not take a photo
  3. I answered bro I said that the last time I found out that my points had been deleted was two days ago And the second question you asked was when was the last time you played? I said yesterday. The last time I played was yesterday. Forgive me again if I did not answer well
  4. Yes, I know, I understood that I answered his questions xd But he did not seem to understand the answers I gave to his questions
  5. No, my bro, I want my rank points back Return if possible thank you
  6. No ctf point shop, I want to return the gameme points( rank points ), do you understand?? my points is cleared and i want my point returnted, no the ctf shop point
  7. @FaZio' No, I did not lie, I wanted to join a team in the game, now either a terrorist or a CT Then I killed a person and saw that I did not show up in game 1000 I was surprised and very upset Now there is a solution or something They can return my points
  8. No, I did not reinstall it, once I saw it was deleted Can't they come back ?? My last point was 8,238
  9. hiiiii, my point have been deleted, can they come back ?? please help me
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