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  1. i barely see people use golden ak, i think 70 points is too expansive since you lose it when you die. i think 40 point is fair for it. or add golden ak to Special weapon shop.
  2. i changed his name few times to silentgamers.org but he keep change it back so i decide to ban him
  3. inferno2010 map need to be fix, i joined the server around 10 people were on roof sky walling, best thing i could do was vote to change map, either remove the map or fix the roof. thank you
  4. that one with glass at top is fine but the other 2 is not balance
  5. hossein

    kill sound

    so adding or nah?
  6. Name in-game: Hossein#sG SteamID: STEAM_0:1:97575706
  7. even i don't like campers but what shady says is make sense, we need some player to protect the flag . you know not everyone gonna camp in base, there is a lot of good players in ctf that how to play the game and there is always some pro hopper (like me XD) that fly round kill enemies and capture the flag.
  8. hossein

    kill sound

    that be cool to add kill sound after each kill, u know like old school ones , m.m.m. monster kill kill kill, rampage unstoppable .....
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