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  1. Mario

    Zest owned again

    I can kill ZEST easily by using INVISIBILTY even a most noob player can do this. Next time kill him without any ability or don't use mega knife too
  2. Why not add an option like zp in ctf /get option and donate option
  3. I also have this problem all the time thiss say no psprite that why when ever i type status all thw records got missed
  4. Our team should add donate option in Ctf server like zp and and that /get option in which we geg 10 free points but in CTF we should give 20 points free every map
  5. Thanks for your support choober! I hope you remember me
  6. Name in game: sG | Mario Steam id: STEAM_0:0:778200708
  7. Guys if i would make a video of CTF server cuz i dont like zm plague too much will we be the reward for ctf video?
  8. @ wicho - el patron @ Joker my points??
  9. Name in Game: sG | Mario Steam id: STEAM_1:0:77531864
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