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  1. In game name : Albedo steam id: STEAM_0:1:156744578 Paypal name: Bahriddin Transaction ID: 5R422207X38300107 Package you are purchasing: Legendary Vip in zm server + DD2 Vip + Capture flag Elite Vip = 27$ Additional info: Can provide if needed
  2. If you are Admin Then Act like one Sir.
  3. Sounds kinda stupid to me, getting killed by nuclear and what? you are going to be respawned again over and over, score? who looks at score at zombie server? we are there to have fun then you see people complaining about nuclear bomb one shooting zombies, I mean we don't use it every single second to make it unplayable, You lose a lot of Health and we become unkillable? yeah this is why we have bomb (I am in blacklist in peoples minds including AssoumA we always get bombed) or either people use madness with crazy bhop stuff. Well if you can donate 100 $ then create server then take care of it sir, i agree with AssoumA, Please make Bomb at least possible to use once per 2 round. Edit: "dude just stop talking... your only a vip...this is post for admins to fix this nuclear bomb.. i dont even know why you get ur shit in here... its none of your bussiness... AND BTW.. YOUR ONLY A VIP U CANT DO VOTES AND MODES... leave this for admins... if you wanna be admin post for it but dont act like you are one of them...also i bet im way mature then you are... i post this here to fix the problem with nuclear bomb because it does too big dmg... and u are here arguing thats its not? i saw players comments about it and nobody liked it.. so let us solve the problem without you sticking ur nose in it.." So VIP and Contributors are nobody to you guys? i am including All staff members in this Forum, We are talking about OUR VIP priveleges so we cant fight against it? This person is not trying to fix it He IS HATING it and Person who is trying to fight against his privileges. I will Remind one of forum rules, "There will be no posts meant to offend or hurt any other member, in a manner which is offensive or inflammatory. This includes flaming or instigating arguments." I don't know how did he "Earned" his "Admin" and not caring about other's Opinion, he is agressive towards VIP like we are trash, hope you guys will do something about it
  4. Well partly my fault since i didnt know that i have to be online in order to get pts
  5. Okay, Thnak you can close this topic
  6. Wait it shouldnt it be 20$ = 40 000 Points (+ 7 000 bonus) = 47 000 points? you added 42 k only
  7. I know you guys are busy and stuff, but when will i receive my points?
  8. In-game name: AlbedoNotThot SteamID : STEAM_0:1:156744578 Paypal name: Bahriddin Paypal email address: Will Provide if needed Transaction ID: 44X90281U39872538 Package you are purchasing: Donated 20 for PTS, which should be 47k points according to forums. Additional Info: Can Provide if needed
  9. Yah, I am an Admin in other servers aswell
  10. Package Purcchasing: Legendary VIP for zombie server + Admin access for ZP + Skin Flora for ZP = Total amount Donated 35$ can show Transaction ID if needed. In game name: AlbedoNotThot SteamID: STEAM_0:1:156744578
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