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  1. I agree with Assouma and this was also exemplified before when the hackers mimicked the names of players in the server thereby making it harder for admins to ban the correct ones.
  2. I can't upload the other demo here as it says I can only upload up to 48 MB but I will review in private with other members and ban if it is indeed bhopping. In the future you may also make a cheater report here on the forums with the demo and another admin will ban. Demo is located steamlibrary/steamapps/common/half-life/cstrike and is named SG_zombie_plague.dem
  3. I apologize that I didn't take care of the issue right away. I actually took 2 demos of players bhopping. I messaged some of the members of the sG team but haven't gotten a response yet. I wanted them to review the demos to be sure that this is true bhopping because I saw 2 players do it right next to each other. I am a fairly new admin so I don't want to make any mistakes. We will make sure to take care of this issue as soon as possible. XD bunnyhop.dem
  4. Hi I did donation of $10 can I get the corresponding points please, thank you very much
  5. In-game name: Falixx SteamID : STEAM_0:1:417073 Paypal name: Martin B Paypal email address: Package you are purchasing: Basic VIP Additional Info: thanks
  6. Instead of STEAM_1:1 It is STEAM_0:1 all the other numbers are the same dunno if that holds any significance
  7. STEAM_0:1:417073 Steam id actually, sorry it was slightly different
  8. In game name on cs Falixx PAYPAL NAME Martin B PAYPAL EMAIL f STEAM ID: STEAM_1:1:417073 Admin please $8 and however many points I can get for $2, or alternatively I can donate $3 more to get the $5 points package, thank you, let me know
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