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  1. In-game name: Join USS SteamID : STEAM_0:0:2030048991 Paypal name: Paypal email address: Transaction ID: 5Y335192TJ901913E Package you are purchasing: L-VIP Additional Info: @ N3l $ 0n- @ sG | MrOtstej> _og @ MainlyCute
  2. please provide these details In-game name: SteamID : Paypal name: Paypal email address: Transaction ID: Package you are purchasing: Additional Info:
  3. photo of your points now. That will clear what points are you talking about.
  4. i think he is asking for his gameme points not the CTF shop points. @ [-> - == BZTK == - <-] can you upload a Screenshot of your current points.
  5. Name: [-->--==BZTK==--<--] Steam id: STEAM_0:0:214357411 @ N3l$0n-
  6. i bet you must have laughed less than me. on top of that your comment. Edit: Give me NFO username &password
  7. i have watched you enough times. i think RL killing you in God Mode is to balance the Game else a VIP can use RL and if someone steals him, he will use GOD Mode to get it back. Rest wait for Might to reply.
  8. @ Bruce you are always abusing Rocket launcher, even camping at your own base while using it. if someone can come to your base, steal your weapon and then use it against you, i don't know what exactly you want here to be fixed. P.S. : It just costs 100 points, buy another or use Balrog3, Nobody can steal it. P.P.S: i think you are more worried of enemy getting Rocker Launcher, then the GOD Mode.
  9. reply with your steam id and name
  10. Thanks for your donation and support. Enjoy your game.
  11. Usually you do not have VIP access in the first map after server restarts. You will automatically get it once the map changes. PS: This is not the right topic to ask this. Next time create another topic.
  12. Thanks for your donation and support. Enjoy your game.
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