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  1. @ sG | Aиgєℓ added as Trial Admin. Good Luck.
  2. Update 10/29/2020: Two New Female Skins added for VIPs to select from: Dorothy as Terrorist Flora as CT
  3. Thanks for the donation and support. Enjoy nuking noobs(itachi).
  4. @ Sadithgreenleaf promoted to Server Admin. Good Luck.
  5. it's probably the auto switch. Usually it switches the Top scorers to balance the game. if an admin switches your team, you get a HUD message
  6. Thanks for the donation and support. Enjoy your VIP.
  7. Auto Demo recorder added to CTF. If something like that happens again, upload the demo in cheater section.
  8. Thanks for the donation and support. @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ N3l$0n- @ D.K.
  9. DIdi Artemis & Error 404 have already left the forum after reading your suggestions. lol
  10. @ Surface added as Trial admin. Good Luck.
  11. Thanks for the files. We will definitely check it.
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