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  1. steam ID:1813 STEAM_0:0:2037148008 1 09:36 157 0 in game name: Xx_seba_xX
  2. thank u so much to considerate my suggestion!
  3. thanx for answer i guess xD
  4. Hi sG community! i have a suggestion i guess its good. if in the server DD2 we add freeze time? in thr first round i need buy so i guess its would be a good thing we can add to the server. thanx for read!
  5. hi everyone i maked this account but i dont understanding how works... if my account calls sebastian and someone calls sebastian too he have my server points? or if i get admin he is admin? and i want to be admin but i havent steam or discord nothing because i have a problem on my pc. the google chrome and explorer doesnt works and i cant create nothing if someone cans explain me how works i thank you so much PD:i dont speak english im trying if someone speaks spanish its more easy to read
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