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    Im like help others and play in FK my favourite server/ Me gusta ayudar a otros y jugar en FK mi server favorito :D
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  1. Player's in game name:BOTMAN Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:29488861 How many time of my VIP i will share: 1 week and 4 days. Server: Fatal Killerz Additional info: He is a good player, very friendly ^^ i want share him some of days from my VIP, its possible? Thx! -Sebastian
  2. Oops i think you was talking about Fatal Killerz xd. Sorry
  3. Maybe he is talking about the parachute xd. Press E to use it. You can change the E for other key like the V. Hold the button to use the parachute. PS: idk if i can or not comment here, but i want help xd
  4. I dont play on CTF but maybe we can add the map and put the flags on a box. I taked the idea from other server xd. Its a good idea add the map. I vote for yes!
  5. Xx_seba_xX

    maxresdefault (4)

    No que era el ultimo >:v? xd
  6. Xx_seba_xX


    De donde sacas tantos memes xd Espero que sea el ultimo xdxd
  7. Xx_seba_xX

    meme XD

    Cuantos memes sexuales que subiste al foro, eh legend? xd
  8. Xx_seba_xX


    Im noob in english memes xd. This maked me laugh, and you guys? xd
  9. Xx_seba_xX


    The americans will not understand this xd. Its an spanish joke xdxd. De donde sacaste eso xdxd
  10. steam ID:1813 STEAM_0:0:2037148008 1 09:36 157 0 in game name: Xx_seba_xX
  11. thank u so much to considerate my suggestion!
  12. thanx for answer i guess xD
  13. Hi sG community! i have a suggestion i guess its good. if in the server DD2 we add freeze time? in thr first round i need buy so i guess its would be a good thing we can add to the server. thanx for read!
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