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  1. Thank you for supporting us!! Wait for transaction's confirmation for get your L-VIP! @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ D.K. @ Mr.happy^^ Enjoy your game!!
  2. Thank you for supporting us!! Enjoy your VIP and go to kick some asses lol
  3. Wassup Angela!! Thanks for your donation and support! Enjoy your L-VIP!! Cheers!! -Sebastian.
  4. Xx_seba_xX


    Don't worry bro, I just said that for make laugh the people lol
  5. Xx_seba_xX


    @ Taliban Becareful, with one letter you can change the words meanings ("as"and "ass") Just kidding xd
  6. @ Jader @ Taliban
  7. No, ahora recuerdo quién es. Es el que spameó con apps de Co-SM y Admin. Lo rechazaron como 5 veces, asi que no tiene ningún permiso.
  8. En qué servidor tenias permisos de Administrador? De todas formas la skin no es lo más importante.. @ *_*Thewashi*_*
  9. @ Taliban thank you for your donation and support! Enjoy your VIP!! @ dog] thank you for take your time and help Taliban to make this donation!! i love you -Sebastian.
  10. Xx_seba_xX

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    @ No Worries @ Mr. NAKIPRO @ Taliban
  11. Sup bro! Thanks for supporting us! Enjoy your VIP!
  12. Thanks for supporting us bro!! Enjoy the points! -Sebastian.
  13. He means like, put a damage counter when you shoot someone Xd. Like, i shoot someone and the screen shows a number, like 30. @ SpawN #sG I like the suggestion but, you´ll can just shoot and if you see a number, you will know what someone´s there. @ dog] What ya think about bro? Cheers!! -Sebastian.
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