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  1. Take a break or tomorrow i play cs because so hurts to see my point down down down and down no choice and disconnect your playtime and watch tv
  2. copy but if your top 5 players its hard too see a player more than you . And killed and suggestion not more thank less 19 or elss 10 if you killed newbie player . Its hard to earning points .. heheheheh
  3. My points got down every New Player kill me -19 point but if i killed 2 points every i kill .. suggestion maybe the same points every killed i got and every killed me .. thanks
  4. Alwayss everyday the same disconnect and hang every 3-5pm
  5. No mam while playing in dd2 it hang and disconnect
  6. This one i saying .. everytime i play 2-5pm this is happen every game .. many player has gone because it disconnect when all play .. IMG_8421.MOV
  7. Please fix the hang and disconnect server from playtime .. thanks
  8. @ Godlike hes your teammate i was battle almost headshot all the time in dessert eagle .. its lucas .. his a cheater right ?
  9. And restartround ill playing counter . 1st round terror wins and score or terror has 5 wins but single round only he wins .. he got 5 score in team ..
  10. Sometimes terro win 2 round but the score is 10 please update thankss .. and sometimes got a hung server .. thanks admin
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