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    I do not want to knife fight....I like to knife at a gun fight! I already have your scalp sold at steam market.

    ╔► RespekT not hacker - He is simply successful.
    ╠► RespekT does not die - He gives odds.
    ╠► RespekT not camping - He has a rest.
    ╠► RespekT not afraid - He arrives providently.
    ╠► RespekT is not mistaken - He makes risky decisions.
    ╠► RespekT does not lose - He simply plays for pleasure.
    ╠► RespekT it is not necessary on a place - He checks feature of level.
    ╠► RespekT does not shout - He convincingly expresses the point of view.
    ╚► RespekT does not miss - He checks different corners of hits
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  1. dog]


  2. lol...be nice...evenly distribute the ownage bro.......swicth teams and reverse the ownage show true skill......easy when a team gets momentum and stacked....and no one has courage or ability to switch to the other team and over come the beating and serve it up to those who thought they were in control.....i know you just going for rank.....cant handle a challenge.......cant risk any deaths i understand your stradegy. pfffff .........lol
  3. So honestly @ Bruce you are saying you are getting a taste of your own medicine with your gun...lol. I really chuckled when I read it. Ive always been curious about the godmode issue or question. For the other part, how does it feel? Part of the thing I like is when you die the weapon is still availible to pick up by others and get you back. Get skill bro, how you think they felt getting it and don't have option for god mode. I think the issue is camping with them , It is under article one on post for camping. correct me if Im wrong . You have to keep an agressive behavior and not sit in one place. Camping with the rocket launcher is hard to over by enemy yes. This is the reason for rule, I am stating this @ Bruce because of what @ gaviria05272004 where just talking about in forums.
  4. jajajjajajjajaja waddup dog....I mean god......oh my bad i was reading it backwards.......dance like me man ...theses are my moves when you shoot that rocket! @ Bruce
  5. Thanks for your support and donations! Have fun and enjoy . Please contact @ FaZio' or @ N3l$0n- or reach out to any ctf or sG admin for question or concerns. Please make sure you read over sever Rules and admin tutorial.
  6. I would like something like that ...i would go for more of a variety of skins first, then maybe something more like an entrance song. Given it sends you to skins list for ZP for ctf and because of color relation to team ...only few skins are offered. As far as I know. I would get it , but would also like to pick a better skin. A lot of the skins can just add blue or red in various places on body or legs and it look good. Then with entrance song lol Need a 3 sec small sound clip for l vip headshot . Or knife kill. to keep the tune going in game. Same ........yes maybe...with the right skin lol........you need that right skin @ Tsukamoto to match that personality>
  7. In-game name: [sG] [J]eferzon. SteamID : STEAM_0:1:543430465 Transaction ID: 86K307392T539333V Package you are purchasing: leg vip in ctf and 10,000 points Additional Info: In-game name: [sG] dog $tfu #p2d SteamID : STEAM_0:0:10250006 Transaction ID: 8YH94067YT2650229 Package you are purchasing: leg vip in ctf and 20,000 points Additional Info: give thanks....ya check!!! click below for sound effects. cha
  8. That is how it has been since i have been playing and used vip deagle. You can tag several players grab the flag kill the 1st 1 on the way out.
  9. Cool deal Tsukamoto . Happy Bruce. Have Fun .Good luck, Enjoy Legendary Vip. Please keep language reasonable , clean ,and no map glitching. Do this and you will find life will be easier and people wont so called hate you ok. Its going to be harder to kill you guys now. I might have to get l-vip also . It is fun. Thanks for donations. Enjoy.
  10. Name: dog] $tfu #p2d Type of Boost: daily Server you boosted: fk Proof: 254017291C804473K Additional Info: https://www.gametracker.rs/servers/boosted/ Name: dog] $tfu #p2d Type of Boost: daily Server you boosted: ctf Proof: 479280339L1212345 Additional Info: https://www.gametracker.rs/servers/boosted/ Name: dog] $tfu #p2d Type of Boost: daily Server you boosted: gun game Proof: 302410536G1993724 Additional Info: https://www.gametracker.rs/servers/boosted/ Name: dog] $tfu #p2d Type of Boost: daily Server you boosted: ZE Proof: 7UV43815680374734 Additional Info: https://www.gametracker.rs/servers/boosted/ Name: dog] $tfu #p2d Type of Boost: daily Server you boosted: ZP Proof: 5SV595092K885125R Additional Info: https://www.gametracker.rs/servers/boosted/ Name: dog] $tfu #p2d Type of Boost: daily Server you boosted d2 Proof: 9RG88031TW739452X Additional Info: https://www.gametracker.rs/servers/boosted/
  11. on ctf shop menu is option for unlimited ammo...there is no time limit on it
  12. yes .....as we see...... was..... bruce...and he is uncontrollable with the language he toned it down but he needs perm gag in my opinion ...constant problem with crap talk.....he takes it to far all the time. he does stop when warned. im sure lets loose when admins not on....and its not just him others as well. @WHO's YoUR FATHER NoW pretty much same as everything . get ss or demo to show proof and report him. Game me is down right this sec but with ss you can show it.
  13. yes the iron gates ....good job i was about to post the same spots. they teleport behind them
  14. i was going by what the thread read . But I beleive the thread was based on week boosting for gametracker. $20 for a week. I will say the site i boosted was $9.98 for a week so total was around $28 on boosting. I think it was over reaching yes. scratch the zombie server ....I ll take what ever I am offered. I normally buy vip but want to boost . Cant afford to do both so Was just reading the boost thread saw that You could get vip/skins and points for boosting. I will boost either way but yes was trying to get something out of it . Hope that doesn't make me a bad person lol. thank you for taking the time out to look at this . I know you guys are busy please no rush o;'
  15. I was going for leg vip in ctf and Zombie plague server if i can, with specified skins also. I know it stated weekly boost get 3 months vip . Since its leg vip i dont care if time is changed . I know it states You can change up packages when you talk to someone . Is it possible to get leg vip in ctf and ZP for 1 month 10,000 points in each and the /skin ,scream not the all black one but the 2nd one for the t side and the trump skin for ct side, since it is blue . Thank you Or whatever is clever, thank you. I also want to say I have been a little concerned about the gametracker boost . It is always the go to boost site and weekly boost are the best there. They have changed there weekly boost to supposedly more powerful boost. and @ $60 euro I think. Its not available for me until months away . My concern is the daily boost I don't see them on any list at all ever anymore. I have emailed and inquired they say it takes up to 48 hrs to process payment for boost to start and that it is automaticaly generates a list and adds it to boost list. In the past I could always go to site and see server listed and it never took hardly any amount of time to see on list. I haven't seen it at all lately , and it bothers me. If you look on server page on gametracker it says boost not available see front page. front page only talks about weekly boost. I'm just curious if someone with access can double check. It also could be a setting on server page that's makes it show private . Whatever it is I have boosted fk and Ze daily just now and I'm going to track it. I want to see it on a boost list somewhere or I am not boosting through them anymore. If someone can show me the the server on the list I will be satisfied but I'm concerned about it. says boost status not available on every sg server pagehttps://www.gametracker.rs/server_info/ https://www.gametracker.rs/server_info/ Instead of deleating all of that i am just adding to it. I just saw sG server on boost list on gametracker....was in banner last one. Cant tell you how many times I have sat there and watched it .......never there. but it was so I am happy and satisfied. Boost works . Yay!! lol i am guessing the status on server page then is referring to weekly boost. Give thanks, Ya Check!!!
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