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  1. Normally, there are eight rounds, and neme/survivor rounds will be exclusively at round 8, which is usually the last round. The only exception to this is when round 8 itself finishes quickly, when the vote for the final map isn't even complete, so the server makes a ninth round to give some extra time.
  2. Simple as this: Neme is the best score since he/she usually can also handle playing as neme. Note the word usually, it's not a universal truth but I think it is true most of the times, at least when there's no campfest during the whole map. Picture this: Joker gets scores that usually go three times better than mine, at the very least, and that happens simply because he is a much better player than I am. He is a pro, I am a noob, I'm not sugarcoating that. Thus, he can handle to be neme much better than I can and would pose a better challenge for the rest of players. With me, on the other hand, it only takes a guy with some knowledge on bhop/strafing to have me going in circles like a fool. And that is to compare two admins who frequently play in the server. Now I pose you this question: Would you rather have a player who is playing the Zombie Plague mode for the first time in his/her life randomly become neme instead of Joker or AssoumA (or yourself)? Or even worse, an AFK becoming a neme and getting eventually wrecked in a matter of seconds? I am not saying the "choose the best score" system is flawless, but again, one can understand the reason behind it.
  3. Merry Christmas. I hope Santa brings Assouma a nice infection bomb and lots of gifts to you all!
  4. Oh, nice. The server mainteinance deleted my post. Anyway, again, I came with a solution. It is not related to our ISP (I think so) nor does it require you to format your PC or even uninstall CS. I unfortunately learned this too late. The culprit of the problem, at least for me, is simple: NFOServers, who host all of sG servers, have a system which automatically blocked my IP. What I did is to contact NFO support (support@nfoservers.com), and they explained me why my IP was blocked. According to them, "it is a compromised host that was found scanning our IP address space for vulnerable servers." I don't recall any strange activity with my internet connection, so I asked them what to do, as I am not an attacker. They had me following some steps: Update the firmware on the router and/or modem Change the credentials to log into the router and/or modem If possible, disable WAN-side administration of the router and/or modem Scan the PC and home network for malicious software and viruses Update the firmware and change the passwords on other internet-connected devices -- particularly video surveillance devices I followed some steps, not all of them. Namely, I updated my router's firmware and changed the credentials to log into it. After that, I e-mailed support again and they unblocked me. I cannot cite the OP of this thread because he didn't write his name with normal letters, but this goes to him and everyone else experiencing the same problem.
  5. I considered formatting as a possible option, but you guys need to remember one thing: I also tried to ping the server from my cell phone and still got no response. So it seems that it doesn't matter if I format, the problem will still be there. That's either the server or my connection. The servers are hosted by NFO, and I can't enter their webpage (nfoservers.com) either. Figures.
  6. I am having this very same problem right now. In fact, every server I had added to favorites has become unreachable. As of now, I cannot access any of sG servers, nor any old abandoned server I had added since 2011. Here's what I have found about this issue so far: I opened Windows' CMD and tried to ping the server. For instance, I typed "ping" as that's ZP's IP (note that you don't have to type the port :27015). Says there was no response, so that rules any Steam/CS problem out. I took my cell phone and downloaded an app to ping the server. Still no response, but only if I am connected through wi-fi. If I switch to mobile data, I get a response from the server. That rules a PC problem out and points more to my connection. I also tried to download a No-Steam version of CS 1.6. Won't do any difference, unfortunately. A friend of mine, who lives a few blocks from my house and also has Internet access through the same provider, could ping the server. That means he can enter, but I still can't. I contacted my Internet provider's tech support to see what's wrong. They say there's no problem from their side. And now that you report having the same issue it makes me think that the problem is more from the servers' side. I think those in charge should contact the host provider to see if they're having any issue so they can fix it. @wicho - el patron
  7. Wicho himself said that he would increase the units for that trigger_push to keep these people from glitching. Dunno what he's up to with that, but I had to ban a guy for glitching blue windows in spite of my previous warnings.
  8. Can this be of any use to keep impersonators and spammers in line as well? I think by this point most of us admins have been impersonated at least once, but it seems @-AssoumA- is the one who gets impersonated far more often. Same for those who come with [websitename.com] nicknames. amx_nick just works for as long as the impersonator/spammer is in the round. If the player re-enters the server, or the round changes, the old nick they had is back again. @wicho - el patron
  9. When it happens to me, I usually take a long time because I first need to record a demo. Considering I once mistakenly banned a clean player, I have to be careful. My point is not trying to bash admins for their seemingly slow reaction. They might just be taking evidence before proceeding to take further measures.
  10. It's odd. Personally, whenever a player uses this bomb the alarm (which by the way sounds ridiculous) gives me enough time to take cover. To this point I have been killed only once by a bomb, and it was Wicho who did so while testing it. Not that I agree with the bomb, because I'm the type of player who thinks that far too many perks might end up ruining the fun.
  11. About two weeks ago I got infected by this guy "DUCK" in this way. I've seen other players doing the same, entering blue walls from outside thanks to the speed they get. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it a way of glitching? Why is this allowed? I've shared this doubt with other admins but I need a more convincing reason than "Everyone does it".
  12. First problem I have is with the infection bomb. Why the heck does it get lost when you die despite being actually deployed? There I was playing when I infected Julia Bardera. He used an antidote and hid behind his sandbags. I was low on HP so I took the nade and pulled the pin when I got killed. As far as my knowledge goes, in normal CS 1.6 if you get killed after pulling the pin of a grenade this will simply fall off and explode regardless of the carrier's status. Once I even had the experience of throwing a nade at some people and getting killed in a split second before it hit. There's the "Fire in the hole" radio sound, the blast, and the screams that come with it, but none of the humans end up infected at all. You simply lose 100 points in something that by rights should have been worked in the first place, and that's unfair. Second problem is with a certain flame grenade bug. Sometimes the fire doesn't go off and you keep burning for like minutes. Take this demo for example: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a6ctkdpmcwn4vwn/fireneverending.dem/file When I began recording I had already been on fire for like a minute and a half.
  13. Yup. For instance, flying eggs is a disaster.
  14. Sometimes, when I enter the server, I can't send messages through normal chat. It doesn't happen too often. It is actually so sporadic it hadn't happened for months until yesterday. I can type, but when I hit enter I get nothing. The message doesn't appear, nobody can read it, and it seems it isn't even sent to the server, because it doesn't count when I answer the math question. The problem got solved shortly after it began, but I want someone to check if there's anything that could be causing it, because who knows if any other player is going through the same thing. This only happens when writing normal messages (you know, using the T key). AMX commands like _chat, _psay, _csay, and _tsay don't have any problem whatsoever.
  15. Why don't we find any weird, crazy mod and call it "Wicho mode"? See, I joke about this a lot while playing, but I'm actually serious about it. Let's find a mode, I don't know which one, just one that is crazier than Coins mode (crazy that one already is), add it to the server, and rename it as "Wicho mode". Wicho's been my pal for almost nine years since we were in a now semi-dead community, and has since done a lot for this server. I think it would be cool to have something named after him other than his watermarks in the maps.
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