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  1. It not mean that I want , but I share Ideas bcuz in the end it's a suggestion , may accept or reject . Classic could be better by develop.
  2. That's why I said make a vote in server yes/no for fun round between players , the vote will decide to make it , if yes admin can make a one fun round or 3
  3. before make my post i asked in server about that , players who answered gave an positive opinion
  4. hey what about make some fun round in dd2 , when admin available in server he can make vote for a fun round fun round : round just for 1 gun for all players like knife round , nades round or shotgun round , like some guns look like funny to use it a plugin that admin can control it to activate the fun round on all players
  5. Do the obj official in the server like a new rule Like when type obj in say its must show this rule to let all players know or remember to do the obj Like y or say /obj Obj : is to plant the bomb before end of the remaning time , like 30 second remain per round he must plant it before get to 30 second remain in the round ,for Ts team Many players in server don't plant or wasting time that may lead the team to lose . It's better to stop that . If the bomber don't plant in time or who is not defusing in CT ( i mean camping not going to defuse) then admin can Take action like slay , slap ... What's your opinion ? @ D.K. @ Sheep @ The Mighty Don't Kneel @ Softness
  6. I think from the moment area B was closed, the number of server players seemed to decrease significantly, perhaps there is no greater freedom for players to move within the map. Especially with the team ct camping in A place I think that should be reconsidered . thanks
  7. | MaSTeR |

    Plan for DD2

    @ D.K. If I have a chance to share my opinion I think the sound effect not good idea and its annoying, for me I hate it bcuz I depend on footsteps. Realy Think again before do it .
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