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  1. thsnk you MC,,, you re on it,, she knows guys,, confirmed
  2. Confirm.. I am so sorry its tken this long,, I am very busy guys.... Thank you for your support,,, side note: bro I am very busy with everything and with trying to get Silent Gamerz noticed by the outside world... I hope you enjoy your package,, Jet
  3. confirm,, sorry been busy,,, thank you for your donation, Jet
  4. thank you for your support.....
  5. confirmed.. thank you for your donation.. Jet
  6. First I want to say I am sorry.. for my lack of knowing.. I knew Mighty did something but I was not sure.. and thats my fault.. He is a great Man and knows how all this works.. I am un able to always track everything and or read every post.. and again thats my fault.. but you can gain vip by boosting.. I just dont always get the info.. I am sorry I am a very busy person with many many other things.. Mainly Cute is right.. you can.. and we will work on tracking this better in the future.. that I promise.. So for anyone who has boosted this way and wants vip for it.. please just foillow the correct applications for gaining it.. again we will do our best to track this better.. Thanks to everyone for helping sG .... the goal is not to make money but to keep sG alive.. I very much hope everyone understands that.. this is a old game and not many people want to put money into it.. we do as a club in hopes of keeping it alive.. In 2020 we are looking to others ways to making this club survive the times.. we are working on Go servers as well as looking in to other games.. like I said.. please be bare with us.. its a changing world.. we hope to be here for it.. Jet
  7. I would also like to make it clear.. We do not sell vip by donating or boosting a server with Game Tracker.. I do not believe we ever did this and if anyone has in the past We Do Not Anymore. if you choose to boost a server yourself with GT or by SMS that is not the same as donating on the forum.. Jet If you boost our servers on GT or MSM then you are doing so in support of sG.. not buying something. Okay it's been brought to my attention that you can gain vip for a few days by boosting our servers.. Okay.. but that does not give me a record of what you did.. so unless you post it in our forum i will not know. and its still not buying a package.. I believe Mighty aet this up as a reward for boosting.. so if you do boost with GT then let us know.
  8. this is the information on the 10 dollar donation.. please let me know if this is infact you.. and again we need your steam infomation in order to add you. Paid by Thomas Epps thomasep@pcom.edu Transaction ID 16H13075S0140211F Note donation to friend Purchase total $10.00 Fee -negative $0.59 Total $9.41 Purchase details Forum Donation $10.00 Item #1094 i have got no other donations other them painthappys..
  9. i got a 10 dollar donation a day ago and i confirmed it.. if this is what he is talking about then we should set him up... but that donation was not clear either.. please search this and make sure if it was him . we will add him.. but i am not sure it is.. I will get the staff to look into this matter.. please give us your donation details.. i do not understand what you are posting.. please add your steam details as well.
  10. Im still not sure i understand.. but if he wants to buy vip ,, you need to only make the donation and say whats its for.. after that .. once t is confrmed it will be added.. please just make sure to add your steam id when you make your purchase.. thank you for your translate.
  11. confirmed 10.00 dollars.. thsnk you for your support....
  12. sorry was away.. confirmed... thanks for the donation. Happy New Year Everyone...
  13. confirmed.....thanks for your support....
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