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  1. Thanks for your donation and support. Enjoy your game.
  2. thank you for your donation
  3. Thank you for the support.
  4. @ FaZio' siempre a tu desposicion, espero cada dia mejorar mas para servir en lo que se necesite, Gracias. son motivadoras tus palabras :')
  5. thank you for your donation
  6. I agree with Fazio, normally every player only scores points on a daily basis while camping, this would get worse when putting this map on CFT, even more camp, without putting the abuse of special weapons etc, it is my humble opinion
  7. mucha suerte gaviria (SMILLEY) siempre recuerda que aca tienes una familia mas, exitos en tu vida y todos esperamos que cumplas todos tus deseos [sG] [J]eferzon.
  8. thank you for the support and enjoy [sG] [J]eferzon.
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