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  1. Even if we boosted them, the server population would die out pretty quickly because the players who know how to use skills and abilities would destroy the players who don't, which would be the majority of players (non-steamers). I played in a new WC3 server and that's exactly what happened. It gets boring for both the noobs and skilled players too fast. Superhero mod is my all-time favorite mod, but it wouldn't work with the current state of the CS community.
  2. lol. It's CTF man. You can get hundreds of frags per map. How often do people even do this really?
  3. SteamID : STEAM_0:1:51556651 Transaction ID: 0RF98002S9003424X Package you are purchasing: CTF Legendary
  4. Makinaforce

    Plan for DD2

    I believe AMXX already comes with killstreak sounds they just have to be enabled. The only other issue is that the lower killstreaks are easy to get and so it can get kind of annoying having those spammed. I can't remember if it allows you to really change that with the bundled sounds so you might need the advanced sounds plugin after all.
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