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  1. @ Loris47 Added to Trial For 14 Days, Show Us What You Can Do, Good Luck.
  2. noted, wait for the points topic to open and will be added to your account
  3. if you created this topic, then you are responsible for that, noob
  4. I Have Been Through These Situations, Without Willing To Live Sadly Alone etc., Depression and a Disease That Affects Tods Us (Including Young People) But Calm Brother That Will Pass And Only A Passenger Cloud, In Future Your Life And Mind Will Change For The Better (I believe) So if you are not feeling well look for something that makes you happy go out have fun (even if you are living these quarantine times) but look for something that unlocks your head, depression and the worst illness that exists. I wish you strength
  5. yes, i just witnessed it again, a player hit the infection pump on the side and then hit again in another area, do you have 2 nades now per round?
  6. Thank you for your support Ohhh god one more of them #Saveme #FireInTheHole
  7. Thank you for Your Support please don't nuke me, i'm just a noob admin
  8. @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ D.K. @ Mr.happy^^ @ Itachi Thank You For Your Donation
  9. Thank you For Your Donation Enjoy Your Points @ sG | MrOtstej>_og @ D.K. @ N3l$0n- @ wicho - el patron
  10. Gracias por tu suport Amigo Enjoy Your Vip
  11. calm dude don't panic, i already talked to the staffs, now wait for your problem to be solved
  12. Thank you for donation enjoy your points are you hearing this? FIRE IN THE HOLE!
  13. Stryker


    hey friend post on ban appeals topic
  14. @ sG#unobtanium it just proved that you are lying. and @ coronavirus *sG I already told you to put more mod, it is not always repeating your taste
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