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  1. StrykeR

    Doubt Here

    Hi here and StrykeR I would like to know if you can transfer my VIP to my account? Why I Purchased CS 1.6 Yesterday and All My Data Tao CS on Steam Including VIP. Ai I would like to know if you can send the VIP to my new account?
  2. StrykeR

    Bug Vip Basic?

    The bug has already been solved Thanks to All ADM For Help: D
  3. Olá, comprei o vip básico recentemente e estou gostando muito, mas percebi que não tenho a skin vip, não sei se um bug ou vip básico não tem skin, alguns administradores responsáveis Poderia me ajudar por favor. As fotos estão abaixo. I thank Dark for the Images Att: StrykeR
  4. game name: StrykeR Steam ID: STEAM_0: 0: 1348884965 Paypal name: Leonardo Silva Paypal email address: leonardobhsilv@gmail.com Translation ID: 5NS94543BV403724T Package you are purchasing: Basic Vip Zombie Plague Addition information: I came to represent Brazil
  5. NICK NAME: StrIkeR ID STEAM: STEAM_0:0:1348884965 ID:
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