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  1. I know these reports are getting kind of annoying at this point, although, I think this bug was too significant to merely ignore and not report it. In cs_assault_upc, outside of the door of the red flag, you are able to jump into the wall and just disappear. I have taken a few pictures and have created a demo below. hugbug.dem
  2. I was playing on the CT's side in cs_assault_upc and found this almost unfair advantage that the CT's have. I suggest we put a camp meter on this area so that people are not allowed to camp up there. I have a few pictures and a demo if you guys would like to review it. dem.dem
  3. I found another bug in cs_assault. Nobody is able to cross the area with the fence, however, you are able to teleport right through it. This gives CT's a major advantage as they can snipe from a very far distance without being noticed. I have attached a demo below. anotherbug.dem
  4. Technically, you guys could just remove that particular map. There are 5 different variations of the same map.
  5. Hello everyone, I found a very interesting bug in CTF in cs_assault. When you teleport pointing to the sky, you can stand on invisible ground and shoot people. I have attached some images and a demo below. It is the best bug I have seen in a while. Also, you guys are definitely allowed to appreciate my gaming skills bugassult.dem
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