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  1. Did someone say free stuff?
  2. No plz, I was roasted enough already
  3. Technically, considering the fact that cs_assault maps are a hit in our servers, I think this map would also be a hit. We should definitely try it, maybe in fatal killerz as well.
  4. I remember playing de_piranesi quite a few years ago in a CTF server (can't remember which one). It was a very fun map to play in. It is a very large map, and has multiple locations which make for an excellent bhopping experience, while also allow camping to be limited. I do not have specific suggestions for where the flags would be placed, but I have posted a link below where you guys can view the pictures of the map. https://tsarvar.com/en/maps/counter-strike-1.6/de_piranesi
  5. If you are top 7 in the server, you could get VIP for free.
  6. Am kind of confused. You said, write sG before the name. So does that mean that names such as "Legend #sG" won't count? Does it have to be in the format of: "sg# Legend?"
  7. L3gend


    @ Joker this picture should be my new avatar.
  8. L3gend


    As you can tell, I am "loved" in the community. I have truly brought a revolution to the Silent Gamerz community.
  9. Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit HOOOOLD On. I thought adding points meant adding them to my CTF shop, not to my gameme points. I am sooo confused rn
  10. @ D.K. or @Staff I misread some of the benefits that come with VIP package. I thought that the 2x damage was with every weapon, not only with the knife. I really only got the VIP package because I wanted the double damage. I know that refunds are not allowed, but I wanted to know if it is possible to cancel my VIP for this month, and instead give me 20,000 points for the $8 I spent. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time.
  11. In-game name: Legend #sG SteamID : STEAM_0:1:196816374 Paypal name: Mustafa Malik Paypal email address: mustafa.i.malik14@gmail.com Transaction ID: 3X010234FN192930Y Package you are purchasing: Basic VIP for one month ($8) Additional Info:
  12. In-game name: Legend #sG SteamID : STEAM_0:1:196816374 Paypal name: Mustafa Malik Paypal email address: mustafa.i.malik14@gmail.com Transaction ID: 1RF97786C9441383D Package you are purchasing: $5 for 10,000 points Additional Info: I read that you can get extra points for your first purchase. If thats true, I would appreciate if I can get 11,000 points for my first time donation (instead of the regular 10,000).
  13. @ Yet another one Here are some statistics I think you need to refer to: As you can see, I am rank 9 and you are rank 83; with that being said, please do not teach me how to play the game. I did not make this post because I cannot take out campers, I created it because the average sG player has trouble in this map. I had several players raise concerns to me regarding the camping situation in this map, I was merely voicing their complaints; which is what admins are supposed to do. Thank you for your comments and I hope to never see you in our servers again.
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