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  1. Hi ladies and gentlemans, I write you because I ask for a rule related to death evaders. For instance: - Avoiding the death going out the server before die. - Avoiding the death committing suicide. Is there some rule about it? I suppose not, but there should be
  2. Clap clap clap! Legend, I am totally agree with you, and additionally I add top20s have higher fps, more experience and money to buy several times items from the CTF store. Most of players (90/95%) can't score so the only thing they can do is camping. I think the change in flag points will improve scoring possibilities.
  3. After I died, the server discounted me twice (double punishment). This happened around 4 or 5 times during the week, and I lost too many points on that way. I think the problem is related to considering a suicide when the server changes automatically a player to other team (CT to TT / TT to CT). Could you solve it? Thanks in advance
  4. Name in game: YouR NiGHTMaRe STEAM_0:0:298188495 I posted in ZP section too, but I am a CTF player.
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