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  1. should be added, tell me if it works after map change. thanks for the support
  2. the ak skin was in the pack of ak skins i would have implemented with the weapon skins system for dd2, but never got around to doing it, anyway i think the current one is way better. dont really remember the dgl skin ingame so you guys can pick a better one, as for knife, people use it to become faster, so a basic skin (like the current one) is the best option imo
  3. 1st Update of the Winter Map Shift, there will be a few more additions coming soon
  4. message me on forums when you are ingame or provide a steam acc so i can contact you and give you the points
  5. yes im planning a big december event for ctf which will include a rank based competition which will end on the 1st of january.
  6. Hey guys, we had such a thread on our old forum and it was full with input and feedback, so i figured this could do a handy job as well. Since i'm seeing some threads regarding maps, plugins, bugs on ctf quite a lot lately, and don't have time to read all and answer to everyone, i figured if its kept in one thread, it can be easier to follow. If you have made suggestions for maps or other additions for ctf in the past, feel free to post it here and it can be attended to quicker as im not reading 20 threads like that.
  7. Sorry for the delay, Pyro meant to add it, guess he was busy. Added you 5 extra days to the 30 as a sorry
  8. Because donations must be sent as F&F, if they are not they cant be accepted. Anyway, confirmed, thanks for supporting
  9. disabled knife powers for now, assault 1337 will stay, inferno 2010 will be removed. if you guys have more feedback please send it, nows the time
  10. okay i promise ill do something about ctf today/tomorrow, ill try to find time
  11. Nah I think it's fully disabled, I'll enable it soon
  12. can activate such an item in the shop
  13. ill soon start working on ctf again and i guess ill make a thread regarding commands like mapm_start_vote as i often see confusion
  14. I'm Confused with dd2, can't really keep everyone happy with it because some people like it classic, others want it a bit. More original, and even some portion want it with more fun plugins. If I add it it might be good but someone will complain
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