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  1. doesnt show in the logs, wait for @ painhappy
  2. the admin has already been added, make sure to read up on the rules threads, if you have any questions feel free to ask anyone. if you are interested in buying points check the easter event to see the new prices.
  3. sick and tired of childish shit, knock it off everyone. closed.
  4. if the bug appears every admin can use the command
  5. wait what xd? the bug is from late 2019 not from earlier, ill be digging into it this weekend since its not an easy matter from my past experience trying to deal with it
  6. link me your steam for a faster contact and transfer
  7. plugin is old and large, it has different functions that cs banned. ill prolly add a lighter version sometime this..... week/month/year How many people use the ctf shop is what ive always wondered. I never use it personally but i know there are items that are op and will be used, if people say they use it and give some feedback ill know to improve it, if its used by a couple of people meh
  8. might leave pool only in day time, but dust and assault stay. css dust2 is laggy, militia maybe, vertigo most likely no
  9. assault brings casual players, the idea of boosting the server is to bring in casual players and hope they like the server and become regulars. i personally dont care about assault maps, they werent on the server for the longest of times since they dont really fit the ctf map module, but they always have high number of players so they stay.
  10. removed upc from day maps, and removed upc and classic assault from night maps. avangard is available. ill add skywalk blocks in inferno. might add another italy map soon
  11. First off, i think its been made clear plenty of times that admins shouldn't use admin commands on other admins/donators unless they have been given permission by a staff+, even if in the case of albo they don't have admin powers. Secondly, i said this about a week ago and applies here as well. @ CrazyAlbo you know i have respect for you and appreciate you bud, but you need to stop getting annoyed about things in-game, i think i personally know you best out of everyone in here from the past 4 years and i know that you easily get provoked, just don't answer back or disable your chat and things will be smoother. As for the promotions topic, i think its worthwhile an answer. No, we don't promote based on donations, does it help in some way, yes. Every server needs a different type of server manager as every server is unique in its own self. A few things go into a promotion, timing is one of them. As you might see right now, our staff+ roster is thin, which means we need help in the server managing department until we find new and ready for the duty staff members. That's one of the reason we promoted a few admins to co sms, as for who got promoted early or because they donated statement, i was away since august, didn't keep in touch with who was getting promoted and who is new, only checked forums and steam every now and a then, so my vouch counted from previous experience and experience in the last month. The first person who messaged me with feedback for the server was Nelson, he gave me feedback of bugs and updates needed, showed interest and activity and got promoted. The other people that messaged me and gave me feedback where goku/genji and assouma, genji was active and showed interest, and assouma has been active/giving feedback/ideas/being a good admin for a while now, so it was a no brainer to promote them. From the 4+ years in here my memories recall only 1 server manager in ctf who actually donated as well, and that's happy, it's not a must or some massive boost. My biggest requirement to become a server manager in ctf/dd2 is feedback and some decent server activity, not money.
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