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  1. https://www.silentgamerz.org/topic/2481-official-server-suggestions-thread
  2. lord have mercy, im not playing ctf anytime soon haah, thanks for the support, added.
  3. Updated 03/05/2020 Zombie Elimination VIP added. Changes have been made to DD2/FK/CTF VIPs
  4. confirmed, thanks for supporting
  5. VIP Added, thanks for the support
  6. can add a motd in usefull information about it, although there is already enough info shown when you pick the knife
  7. https://www.silentgamerz.org/topic/2481-official-server-suggestions-thread/
  8. Hey guys, doing a survey regarding the CTF Shop and its items, its one of the most popular additions in CTF and has expanded a lot with time, but i feel like its not complete. Since i don't play CTF myself a lot myself and don't use the shop often, i can't know which items are nerfed well, which are overpriced or under deliver, that's why i'm making this thread, below ill list the full shop and its settings, what i want is suggestions and feedback on where it get better, whether its lower points for the item or make the item better. The other newer add is the Knife menu, feel like it can also be worked on, so i have given the information of it below as well, if you think some knifes should be edited, post your feedback, and if you think we should add new knifes give us your suggestions. CTF Shop Name: +30 Health Points Price: 20 points Name: +100 Armor Points Price: 20 points Name: Unlimited Clip Price: 40 points Name: Bomber (gives you 8 he nades) Price: 40 points Name: Silent Footsteps Price: 5 points Name: Chameleon (you get oppositions skin) Price: 50 points Duration: 20 seconds Access = Elite VIP Name: Transapency Price: 40 points Transparency level - 3/4 Name: Invisibility (15 Seconds) Price: 70 points Name: Double Damage Price: 50 points Name: Godmode (15 seconds) Price: 80 points Limit: 1 Access = Elite VIP Name: Health Regeneration Price: 25 points HP Per Second: 2 Max HP: 150 Name: Armor Regeneration Price: 10 points AP Per Second: 10 Max AP: 150 Name: Golden AK47 Price: 70 points Name: No Recoil (1 minute) Price: 50 points Access = Elite VIP Name: Mega Knife Price: 40 points Name: Thunder AWP Price: 20 points Name: Vengeance (Base Return) Price: 30 points Name: Thunder Aug Price: 30 points Access: Elite VIP Name: Thunder M249 Price: 20 points Limit: 0 Name: Primary Attack Rate (2X Faster Shooting) Price: 25 points Name: No Clip (15 seconds) Price: 50 points Name: AK47 Price: 5 points Name: AWP Price: 10 points Name: G3SG1 Price: 10 points Name: M249 Price: 5 points Name: M4A1 Price: 5 points Name: SG550 Price: 10 points Name: XM1014 Price: 5 points Name: Shock Grenade Price: 10 points Name: HE Grenade Price: 5 points Name: Smoke/Teleport Grenade Price: 15 points Name: HE Damage Multiplier (2x He Nade Multiplier Price: 10 points Name: Molotov Coctail Grenade Price: 20 points Limit: 1 Knife Menu [Spiderman Low Gravity] Gravity = 0.5 (Normal one is 1) [Silent Knife No Footsteps ] [Deadpool Freeze + Hook] Can Freeze opponents twice (per 20 seconds) and use hook once per death. [Slenderman Teleport] Can use Teleport once every 60 seconds. [Hook Knife Hook] Can use hook 3 times per death. [Freeze + Low Gravity] Can use Freeze option 3 times, Gravity set at 0.8 [Thanos 2x Damage ] Access ( Basic VIP) [VIP Knife All in One] Gravity set at 0.8, No footsteps, 1/5th less visible, Can use teleport once, hook once, freeze twice. Access ( Elite VIP)
  9. Admin Added, make sure to read the rules, thanks for the support
  10. i feel like thats the last thing dd2 players would want
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