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  1. yes now im trying to do that get a freezing deagle freeze all of them and get some grande (motion sense one) and that freezing bomb just throw there and take the flag and run you will also get the flag and kills too and you dont need to wait until they get un freeze and kill them. i was thinking to try in italy map especially
  2. you need to wait until they get un freeze thats the same thing for me and after they get un freeze you can kill them right after it
  3. you all guys are right and i also agree with you all but my point is we need to stop people from doing camping today i saw a guy called as SILENT he only died for 18 time i think and he made 120 sum kills just doing is camping right over the stop as @ FaZio' showed and im saying to increase the rates or points/vodka on for this map or some other where we can see there are a lot campers not in all maps if that is possible im sorry i forgot this thing to mention before ( increase things only if possible in certain maps ) or if possible we can set something like if a person is doing camping in same zone for long time he is health needed to be dropped fast as it happens in other map or we can set something like if person is doing camping in that path as @ FaZio' showed for long time we can apply heath thing or something like that. all i wanna say is we need to stop campers in certain maps i dont know how but if we all get together then we can come up with better idea. as i think we need players to come to us and kill not only by doing is camping As i said about my idea we can give a try for couple days and see what happens, do people really like it or what is the opinion with this new thing
  4. right now i was spec. the map fy_snow2010, and i have being noticing that there are many guys who just use Mag. Sniper most of the time. This is my first suggestion As we can not band snipers so i was thinking that we can do one thing is raise the rates and points/vodka on such snipers for this map and if you are for 2/3 times then you can not pick that gun again and it will disappear my another one is if you guys remember in one of the maps of DUST on terror side we cant do camping or just stay at the spawn place more then 25 seconds or our health will drain fast and we will be dead really quick, So i was think we can add that feature in this fy_snow2010 map too, On which places :- on all tops corners and behind the spawn place i mean on that rack or whatever it is called. I have even noticed one thing that when we start playing on that map we have a lot then and after few mins as guys gets sniper guns traffic automatically drops and people just get tired of getting dead again and again ( i have noticed this at night times as per my time zone EDT, New Jersey ) Or we guys can come up with other new ideas if we need to Thank you
  5. @ L3gend sure ill find it out and report from there i have a question how to get unlimited ammo for long time on game i have see we can get for 15 mins but yesterday when i saw a player Called as MASTER OF XYX or something he was having unlimited ammo for more then 1 min 30 sec. he was just spamming walls for without any reloads
  6. sure ill for next time when ever i see him or anyone else doing again ill warn them for the first 2 times and if they keep on doing ill ss and post here all the details of the account if we talk about [ @WE SEE ] then he even go on blink stops like glitch of the maps and i even told him not to do but he just keep on doing it, and as you left the map from metelia from last night he started swearing other peoples too. As per my opinion we neeed to take some strict action against him
  7. sure and what about the people who use wrong language and words like fuck nigga and stuff ? there is a guy called as we see he being using all the time but when i and dog said not to then he did stopped but as dog went off he started again and i think dog gave him final warning too and other players too in melitia map
  8. yes i have many spots for many maps ill post them soon
  9. i found 2 glitch in winteraztec map i think this 2 places need to be restricted
  10. Thank you I’ll will check it out when I’ll play next time
  11. yes its wokring thank you so much for it but im still figuring out some things on it i havent used it before so... by the way how can i buy rockt launcher check you personal message
  12. even right now there is a player how is doing cheating his name is [ ))) We SEE ] i tried to record him multiple times but i dont know what is wrong and the map is fy_snow2010 he is doing like sky walking and going on the edges by using teleport smoke bomb and throwing it to opponents side as no one can see him. And he is killing everyone
  13. I even know another player who do cheating in this map too (cs_Italy). His name is xYx and his on second rank here in this map he always be in CT team and he use teleportation knife and he goes on the terror side on the highest roofs and that is how he kills people and if anyone will see him will move on another place, if you remember where we have the terror map and in straight we have roof and under that we can go in the house i mean that roof with the small bridge he will go there and some times he goes back and forth and after sometimes he will try to get the flag and stuff
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