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  1. Thanks for donations I still can break your combo Nades Coming
  2. Basically CTs have unfair advantage all over in this map They are camping outside the Ts Building Ts get out and die Camp meter is not solution But I don't know why people love assault map, any of assault map hits server get full
  3. Thanks for your support!!
  4. Thanks for your support Enjoy Your Game
  5. Thanks For Support
  6. Thanks For Donation Invisible Darha Coming
  7. I think the current price is balanced It will be little expensive as I use Teleport too much
  8. Thanks For Support See You in Server Enjoy your game
  9. Thanks Mate Enjoy Your Vip
  10. Thanks For Donation See You in server
  11. krazy


    I think I know this Place
  12. Thanks For Donation 25$ Points You are rich now in server Bombs incoming
  13. krazy


    Those who go there will die but after touching the ground so if someone is using Jet Pack will not die until he touches the floor
  14. I also know about these glitches and bug but I don't report these kinda stuff because I am one of them using these bug just wanted to ask is it allowed or not allowed like wall glitching
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