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  1. Map:cs_assault_1337 Time and date(EST/MIAMI TIME):9:29 A.M,Tuesday, 7 April 2020 Amount of players in spectator:10 Additional notes:Nothing
  2. I think that's how @ Barnzz Warn him Well He is my friend He is new to the server he don't know much about zombie server he got ban like 3rd time and usually Admin are banning without warning as he is new to the server he don't know all rules there are many of them he don't know he is still learning , Banning a newbie without a warning isn't a good behavior I have checked the chats and didn't find any warning and If you slay some one and abuse him you can expect him to abuse you Admin Also Show Some Respect...
  3. Well I remember when I was SM there was the same bug People Can't join teams It was solved by someone at that time I think
  4. It is one of the oldest bug I am playing in CTF since 2016 It is not solved until now and The only solution for it to change the map You can call any admin to change the map only that you can do
  5. I just played classic assault today anyway Thank You
  6. Can We Remove cs_assault and cs_assault_upc because in these map CTS have advantage they camp on every door and kill Ts when they just come out After getting killed again and again by these door campers Ts Start to Camp in their base and Map Get Boring Ts Camps in base and Cts Camps at Door..
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