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  1. No, free bans. amx_nick working properly in Fatal Killers (changed last terrorist's name): Guess you could kick them if they do not comply with name changing. Try to find out their language through GameMe and then use Google Translate to persuade them.
  2. Man


    Had this problem early in the morning, it appears it's a bug. Wait some hours and check again, that worked for me, if not you can notify us.
  3. @ The Mighty Don't Kneel Do it you lazy. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=29886
  4. Uhh... yeah: I didn't add assault_upc You didn't ask me to remove any of the aforementioned maps, you asked for "cs_assault_1337_snow" to be removed and I did so. Watch out, DarkLord. cs_assault_1337 is still one of the more popular maps in the server. It's a hostage map so obviously it has a camping nature to it. Thanks for slightly ruining my morning, jackass.
  5. Man


    Who would have guessed... a decent-quality meme in here. Good! PD: Fuck you Assouma.
  6. Footage of terrorist scum getting s*****d, bu****ed and humilliated, directly from Pornhub. Starring: - Zombie Man as The Gay Zombie Man - Dollar as Flag Thief #1 - Cocoman as Flag Thief #2 - Polo as Random Bystander - Nelson as Cameraman Copyrighted by Brazzers® 2020
  7. Man

    Camping rule in CTF

    Dead thread. Someone close this please.
  8. Man

    Return of the M3

    Your personal experience is shit. Shotgun has 220 units per second speed while MP5 has 250.
  9. Man

    Return of the M3

    MP5's an all-rounder weapon, it's not the fastest nor the strongest but it has raw potential for both, and it's also easy to master. The M3 is just good for bhoppers and it has quite the steep learning curve, that's why most CTF servers switched to having MP5 as default circa 2015. No vouch.
  10. Updated 01/20/2020: @ N3l$0n- has passed his Trial and has been added to the Server Admin team. Congratulations.
  11. You're the only one who has reported this after the first incident. Please provide screenshots.
  12. @ Zombie Man , there's only two things right about what you're saying: the fact that @ Bruce has displayed a toxic behavior and that you're only supposed to tag-up whenever you ban someone if you're not Staff+. Apart from those two little points, you're in the wrong here. You've not followed correct procedure, which is, as Server Rules dictate: "Admins are expected to follow the correct procedure, which is a written warning, then up to three slaps without health punishment on the player, then a slay, then a kick-out of the server and, finally, a 15-minute ban. Each stage of the procedure according to the player's noncompliance of the warnings." You have skipped the written warning, only applying it AFTER you had slain the players, and you were also supposed to slap then first, which you ALSO skipped. Read the rules again: https://www.silentgamerz.org/topic/86-silentgamerz-capture-the-flag-official-server-rules/ Also, for more clarification on what EXCESSIVE camping is, I ENCOURAGE you to read the following post: https://www.silentgamerz.org/topic/1729-camping-rule-in-ctf/?do=findComment&comment=9213 For now I'll just let you go with a Warning. @ Bruce , do not play innocent in here either. The entire Capture the Flag team is aware of your toxic behavior, and the entire Community should know as well that all your chat logs are recorded on the GameMe page, Zombie Man's no stalker. In fact, I invite you and anyone interested in having a peek on your sweet-tongued words: http://silentgamerz.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/2334119 You've shown enough disrespect, homophobia and racism to the Capture the Flag Server. So this is your last chance, correct yourself up or you'll be gagged permanently. Topic closed.
  13. Follow correct refund procedure or don't comment. Don't make me punish you again, @ Tea . Here's your answer. Please bother to read.
  14. I can only give you points whenever I see you online.
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